Ice Show programmes

A new venture in 1935

In 1935 the very famous and popular SS Brighton decided to try a new venture – ice skating. So at the end of the summer a large team of workmen descended on the building. They erected huge scaffolds in the swimming tank and inserted twelve miles of pipes to carry the refrigerating system. The glory days of the SS Brighton Ice Shows were about to begin.

Ice Show programmes

Here we have a wonderful selection of Ice Show programmes, starting from 1939, collected by our own Chief Photographer, Tony Mould. For many years in his mis-spent youth, Tony managed ice rinks up and down the country, so he was very interested to put together this collection.

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  • Great collection of old show programmes – would love to see them up close. My Mum and Dad were in some of them .

    By Mark Stewart (10/10/2012)
  • Hi Mark, Drop me an e-mail and we can perhaps arrange for you to see the programmes. I have a lot more than are shown on the site. My e-mail is

    By Tony Mould (10/10/2012)
  • I remember seeing Peter Pan on ice when I was a little girl, probably mid-sixties. I recall a member of the audience volunteering to dance on the ice with cast members during the show. The poor lady was wearing a wraparound skirt which, unfortunately, became unwrapped during her exertions. The lights quickly went off to spare her blushes! Funny the things that stick in your mind….

    By Janet Beal (11/10/2012)
  • Hi, my mum ice-skated there from about 1937 until the show left for South Africa, Australia and NZ in 1939.  Do you know the names of the shows that were at the SS Brighton at that time? Thanks

    By Jan Finnis (29/11/2015)
  • Great memories from a wonderful ice rink. I started skating there in 1960.

    By Dee Wray Croney (16/07/2016)
  • I am really curious if my mother is listed in any of those programs? She was a professional ice-skater named Jean Anne Guy. She was born in Brighton in 1932. Wonder about the comment by Jan Finnis if her mom knew my mother. Interesting.

    By Diane Whitney (21/04/2020)

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