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Epic of Ice Presentation

Unfortunately I have not been able to date this wonderful photograph from the ‘Epic of Ice’ presentation.

From the general style and the costumes I would guess it to be late 1930s, possibly early 1940s.

Can anyone help me out on this? If you can, please leave a comment below.

Click on the photograph to open a larger version in a new window.

The 'Epic of Ice' presentation: undated
From the private collection of Tony Mould

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  • Hi Tony, The picture is of the ‘wave ballet’ from “Patria – a Coronation Ice Cruise”, in 3 acts, staged during the summer season of 1937 (to commemorate the Royal Coronation). The programme was devised by C. Langdon and the music provided by Alec Browne and his Swing Band. The dresses in the scene depicted were designed and provided by ‘Vicaire’ of Paris. I believe the lady at the front was Erna Andersen, a Norwegian champion skater of the 1930’s, who had designs on Hollywood at the time. Regards.

    By Andy Grant (03/12/2010)
  • Hi Andy, Thanks very much for the information.

    By Tony Mould (03/12/2010)
  • Dear Andy: You never cease to amaze me with your knowledge of both the important and the trivial.

    By Martin White (04/12/2010)
  • Hi Martin, I only wish I did have such knowledge! Any such information is usually derived from reference materials, which I am happy to relay to others. TONY – should you want any further information on this production, please contact me off site. Regards Andy

    By Andy Grant (04/12/2010)
  • My mother, Peggy Miller, is in the line up here and I have the programme from this production, in which my father Jack Wake also featured.

    By Jacqueline Roberts-Wake (29/04/2019)

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