My favourite dance hall

Sherry's: Middle Street
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

First visit at 15 years old

Sherry’s was my favourite place. I think it was the decor and layout that made it special. I was 15yrs on my first visit; so nervous walking in as I had to pretend to be over 18. No ID in those days thank goodness. I remember wearing a blue pencil skirt, weird granny sandals and a tee shirt. Flicked back blond hair and lots of eye make up made me look older; just loved it.

The best looking boys

I remember the chandeliers, big red balls all down the centre of the room, red flock wallpaper, a huge dance floor, a very long bar and the balcony. We would go on a mission to search out the best looking boys by travelling around the balcony, occasionally stopping to look over. When we spotted what we were looking for, we would fly down and casually dance near by or cruise up to the bar next to them. Such fun times.

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90p entrance fee

Burger and chips on a Friday and Saturday night were included in the 90p admission. I do remember some really scary fights though, when all the girls would get ushered to the toilets, and kept there until things calmed down. One night one broke out on the balcony. I watched someone go flying over the top and land on the dance floor. I later heard that he’d survived with only a few broken bones.

Very special memories

Most of the time it was just fun. I was so upset when they turned it into the Pink Coconut. Since then I’ve been to top clubs all over the world and London, but nothing has ever really matched up to those first memories. I remember pre-drinks in The Pickwick. Later we moved onto Busbys and then the Kings club. I also went through phases of enjoying The Escape and The Inn Place, happy days

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  • Wow!! Sherrys 1979 I loved the place, I was working at the Evening Argus in the editorial dept. I was 18 and enjoying life. I remember King Jerry he used to work in a record shop in Brighton. My sister and I used to love Sherrys so much so that one Christmas Eve it snowed and the buses stopped running, as we lived on a hill, so my sister and I walked all the way. Thankyou to all who worked there at that time I have fond memories.

    By tina grant (05/08/2023)

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