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Rolling Stone concert 1971

Here are two photos I took at the Rolling Stones concert at Big Apple in March 1971.   Two of my friends, Phil and Linda Wharton, and I were quite near the stage.

I remember Mick Jagger throwing a basket full of daffodils, I think they were, into the audience, and Linda caught it. This concert must have been just before the Stones went into exile in France, a film about which was shown on TV.  Great memories.

Rolling Stone concert 1971
From the private collection of Diane Lambing
Rolling Stone concert 1971
From the private collection of Diane Lambing

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  • Great photos Diane, I was there, sitting very close to where you took the photo, a few rows from the front and just a tad to the left! Reckon I could have almost spat on them if I wanted to, I was so close. I would not be interested in seeing them now from 200 yds back! I went with a gang from The Cottage, one of whom, I cant recall his name, was into photography. He took loads of colour photos and was showing them in The Cottage a few nights later; would love to see them now! It was a great night, never to be forgotten, but could never forgive them for not doing an encore!

    By Peter Groves (04/01/2011)
  • Thanks, Diane, for the great pictures. Even more thanks though for mentioning your friends Linda and Phil Wharton, both of whom I know. Linda and I worked at Miss Selfridge in Churchill Square and I have very fond memories of her. Later when they moved to the north of England my husband and I went to visit for a few days. Back then we coresponded regularly about shared interests like favourite recipes, sewing tips, clothes etc. I remember when my husband and I went to the cinema to see the new movie Jesus Christ Super Star we were suddenly surprised by a tapping on the shoulder and seeing Linda and Phil were sitting in the seats directly behind us. Out of all the cinema seats to choose from we were as close as if we had planned it. If you still have contact with Linda and Phil please send my very best wishes. I hope they are both well. Sandra.

    By Sandra (05/01/2011)
  • Hi Sandra, I just received an e-mail from Phil, who’d only just seen this page. He and Linda had been watching a ’72 Stones concert from Texas last night and were wondering if they still had any photos from the Big Apple – that’s what made Phil look up this site, I believe! I too, visited them in Skipton about 30 years ago, I think they occasionally come down to Brighton, but I’ve never managed to catch up with them in person yet, we just keep in touch at Xmas! This was the only concert I saw at Big Apple – I also have a picture of us queuing to get in! Happy days…

    By Diana Lambing (28/03/2011)
  • I was there too. Police wouldn’t let us sit while we waited to get in. One old couple walked past us escorted by a Bobby with the old guy saying to his wife. “I thought there was a long line for bingo tonight!”. Obviously he thought a bunch of long haired hippies had suddenly got the bingo bug. I sat on a ten inch shelf halfway up the wall at the back of the hall. The show was worth the numbness… 🙂

    By Paul Birdseye (17/06/2011)
  • I was there too, I remember the floor was sprung and it was a ballroom, several floors up in a large cinema near the Brighton clock tower. People were jumping up and down at the same time and the floor bounced. I was worried that one of the lighting towers would fall down. I had to queue for two hours to buy a ticket at a little shop on one of the roads leading from Brighton seafront. Great to see them in such a small venue

    By Stephen Pickup (12/05/2012)
  • I was at this show too – very close to the front. (I had camped out all night to get the tickets so my friends camped out to be at the head of the line on the day of the show!) A rare treat to see them in my favorite Brighton Venue. There was a local photographer who did some amazing shots and was peddling them around the Cottage. But there was another person who worked up in the lighting booth who did a very good sound recording of the show, and traded around a few 1/4 open reel copies with friends. I’d love to find a copy of THAT! Any leads, anyone?

    By Michael McNamara (24/05/2012)
  • amazing that I found it, I was there too, while being with the ship in Shoreham.Our shipping agent supply the ticket for me, unfortunately I lost it. having a stones museum in Portoroz, Slovenia would like to have a copy of the ticket, Somebody can help me.Pls inform on my email : many thanks

    By slavko franca (24/12/2012)
  • I seem to remember this was one of their concerts to promote Sticky Fingers. I specifically remember them playing Wild Horses and like the others I got right to the front. It didn’t seem to be such a big deal in those days but it was a brilliant gig. Didn’t the Ground Hogs play immediately before as their support band? Thank you for posting the pics.

    By David Ingles (07/06/2013)
  • Hi Michael, I knew/remember the guy who took the photos, and was then showing them at the Cottage, can’t remember his name though! He was a keen photographer, with a decent camera, and took lots of colour photos, would love to see them now!! 

    By Peter Groves (14/10/2014)
  • I seem to remember that this was the first of their ‘farewell tours’. I was lucky with tickets. I strolled down on the Sunday morning when tickets went on sale and bumped into a couple of friends who had queued all night and let me push in with them. Took an ex girlfriend Caroline Shirley with my second ticket. Brilliant night. Mick Jagger in a pink suit and baseball cap. Everyone jumping up and down on the spring loaded floor – lots of bounce.

    By Geoff Wooldridge (04/02/2017)
  • I still resent all the people that pushed in to the front of the queue after I’d spent a night trying to sleep on the freezing street. But hey – we all got in to see them. And yes, what a treat to see a band like that in a small venue. And that bouncing floor was like a trampoline! – nuts, eh? And SO memorable. Think how we got here: we’ve all googled “Stones – Brighton – Big Apple”, almost half a century later later! What special memories these are! 

    By Bernie (04/03/2018)
  • Wow, I remember this gig. My dad got given tickets at the last moment. As I could not see I went down the side and got onto the stage hiding in front of the PA speakers. After a couple of numbers the bouncers found me and I was thrown back into the audience. 

    By Paul Silsby (22/05/2018)
  • I remember queuing up to get tickets from Tiger Moth records on a freezing January night after seeing Deep Purple. Tickets for the show cost 18 shillings, a bit less than the £130 I‘m paying to see them in Cardiff this week.

    By Gary Rawlinson (10/06/2018)

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