A surfeit of bands

Big Apple Poster
From the private collection of Howard Wade

Bunking in via the cinema

I remember seeing so many top bands almost on a daily basis! Could you afford that now? We managed as we would normally bunk in via the cinema , sometimes taking in the film on the way! The last leg was a long staircase up to the venue patrolled by an easily-bribed security bloke.

Queuing for The Stones

I particularly remember when War played, only when we got in we found that Eric Burdon was not there with them . The also management were very good and gave refunds to disappointed fans; so we did a few laps bunking in then claiming the refund : or is that a legend? We also queued all night for Stones tickets: down Ship Street, I seem to remember .

Did we know each other?

Peter Groves – I think we knew each other. Did you live in Hangleton? Did you have a brother called…..er Groves – sorry can’t remember his christian name. If you are he, you would remember maybe Tony Oliver, Hilary and Rachel Heath, Colin and Brian.

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Neville and his bomb 

I remember the Cottage, in particular very a tall guy called Neville. He nearly blew himself up playing with some kind of home made bomb/firework in the Cottage. Give us a shout if you can Peter – I would really like to hear how you are going You can mail me at nick@wemoto.com

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  • Hi Nick, yes I remember you (after the email) and your brother Steve, plus the others you mention, and a few you don’t, Bob Wallace springs to mind, he was very friendly with your brother.  I also went to The Big Apple almost every weekend, it seemed to go on for a long time, but if you check the history on this site or the net it lasted less than one year. It didn’t closed for lack of support (it was packed for every event), or financial reasons (from us bunking in) I believe it was “regulations” even back then!  The queue for the Stones was in Middle Street, the tickets were sold from Tiger Moth Records, next door to the Cottage.  Yes I was in the Cottage with Nev on that night, the stupid things 17 year olds get up to, it could have been so much worse!  We progressed from the Cottage to The King and Queen, and then on Friday nights after 11pm we went over the road to “the Friday Night Club” after the K&Q closed.  Lastly if we could still stand, we walked up to Brian’s flat behind Brighton Station, best not say any more about that!!  Then the long walk back to Hangleton, by which time we were sober again!  Great to hear from you!I dont think many remember the Friday Night Club!!!

    By Peter Groves (09/01/2017)
  • I remember going to see Johnny Winter and Curved Air there. Was Virgin Records downstairs? I remember listening to Derek and Clive in there – everyone was smoking dope.

    By Frankie Lawrence (15/01/2020)
  • I will never forget watching Deep Purple during the “In Rock”. Playing at the Big Apple in Brighton it was amazing and Richie Blackmore was on fire….. The encore was a medley of rock ‘n’ roll standards and maybe they played some little Richard and Chuck Berry but I can’t remember as it was so long ago but reading this article brought back great memories and thank you for posting.

    By STEVE WOOD (23/12/2021)
  • Hey Pete, it’s Bob Wallace here.
    Just stumbled across your blog. I hope you still look at these pages. What ever happened to your brother Tim? We were mates at the time and found various ways to sneak into the Big Apple. We had to cos we were still at school and had no money for tickets.
    I emailed Nick Poole, we were at cubs together, but it might have been an old address and he may not have read it?
    And whatever happened to Paul Cootes?
    If you read this, email me at bobwallace2004@hotmail.com

    By Bob Wallace (26/03/2022)
  • Hi Bob, very nice to hear from you after all these years, see email !

    By Peter Groves (26/03/2022)

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