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Photo of farm labourers and livestock

Chates Farm, Albion Hill
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

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  • I recently saw the picture of this farm on your site and immediatly gained interest in any information you may be able to tell me about any living residents in Britain with the last name Chates.

    By Nicholas Chates (12/01/2005)
  • My gg-grandfather’s address in the 1871 Census is listed as “Sussex Row in Chalk Farm” and I wondered whether it could be somewhere near Chates Farm?

    By Sue Law (26/04/2006)
  • The family was called ‘Chate’. My grandfather was William George Chate born in 1879, the youngest of six children. He was born at the farm and became a dairyman. Perhaps you are pursuing the wrong line?

    By Tony Betteridge (26/07/2007)
  • How far was this dairy farm from Croydon?

    By John Saxon (02/12/2007)
  • Re: comment posted by Nicholas Chate12/1/2006. There is an artist, Malcolm John Chate, who once told me he was connected to the Chates of Chate’s Farm, Brighton. He did not know whether the building or farm was still there or not.

    By Jenny Lister (11/12/2011)
  • Hello to Tony Betteridge. My great-grandmother was Annie Chate, daughter of the first William Chate, who I think must have been the father of William George Chate. So Annie would have been W.G.Chate’s sister. I am moving back to the UK after many years in Canada and will be doing more research on the family. If you see this message, let me know if you have an interest in knowing more info about Annie Chate’s line. She had four children and three husbands and ended up owning a sweet shop by the beach somewhere.

    By Jamie Griffiths (06/06/2012)
  • Well Jamie, I just revisited this page after a few months and was so pleased to read your comment. Yes, Annie Chate 1864 was a great great aunt of mine. Shw was the sister of William Chate 1857-1922, my great grandfather. His father William George Chate 1832-1917, my mother’s great granfather was well remembered by her. She told of him often leaning down from his horse and scooping her up to sit on the saddle in front of him and galloping off. This would have been about 1912-1915. All I have on Annie 1864 is that she married Osborn Morrish c1864 and that they had a daughter Annie Morrish 1884 who married Charles Early in 1912. I should love to hear more about her and her descendents.

    By Tony Betteridge (08/10/2012)
  • Hello again Jamie.  I’m still hoping to hear from you about Annie.

    By Antony Betteridge (09/09/2014)
  • I remember a dairyman called Chates who used to deliver milk in a cart holding a churn. He would dip a measure into the churn and pour it into a customers own jug. My Gran used to complain because he delivered late at night. Sometimes as late as 11pm.  There was also a dairy shop in Southover Street which I believe belonged to the Chates. During the war there was an ARP (Air Raid Precautions) post built in the Albion Hill entrance to Chates Farm.

    By Les Russell (26/10/2016)
  • To Les Russell, where did you get that info regarding an ARP post at entrance to Chates Farm, Albion Hill?  I ran into that shelter in 1943 after being machine gunned by a FW190A which went on to bomb the shops in Down Terrace. There was no ARP post there then. Was the post there after mid-1943 perhaps, I would love any info you may have.

    By David Rowland local historian (07/10/2018)
  • Almost another seven years have passed since my last comment here. I’m still hoping Jamie Griffiths will read this and respond.

    By Antony Betteridge (16/07/2021)
  • The house is still there. I used to Nurse the man who lived in the small one who lived there with his sister. Chates Farm flats built by the Council below with a car park where the people are standing.

    By Anne Glow (17/07/2021)

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