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Patcham tour

Long barn near All Saints Church, Patcham. c1960
Photo sent by Martin Nimmo 25-01-03

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  • This was all converted into houses in the 70s.

    By Brian Richards (22/01/2004)
  • My understanding is that this was the longest tithe barn in Sussex.

    By Andrew Hooper (07/02/2004)
  • Are you sure the conversions were not in the 80s at least?

    By Stuart Knight (16/12/2004)
  • Nope, Stuart; it was a surprise to me when revisiting Patcham in early 1974, to see the conversions.

    By Les Ashton (09/01/2005)
  • Fortunately it was a tasteful conversion and the barn remained intact. Shame they want to build a Park and Ride car park directly opposite.

    By Gillian Coles (07/11/2005)
  • It looks to be a really beautiful barn. I am going to try and see it.

    By Rosie Leventon (30/12/2005)
  • Actually, the conversion of the barn section of the development was 1986; converted into seven houses with Church Hall at one end, enabling development built opposite but unlikely to have been in 70s. Sorry Les, but I live in ‘a bit of the barn’! P.S. for Gillian – Park and Ride was turned down, here’s hoping it stays that way.

    By Lyn Lynch-White (10/02/2006)
  • The barn was derelict in about 1954 ‘ish as me and my nine/ten year old Patcham Junior School pals used to call it ‘The Haunted House’ and scared ourselves witless running in and out of it on our way home from Patcham Old School in Old London Rd.
    (I don’t now believe that there was a dead body in there).

    By Neville Bolding (29/12/2020)

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