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Painting by Clem Lambert

I picked this painting up in a junk shop for 15p!

Hotel rates
According to the Ward Lock Guide to Brighton, Hove and District (1908), the hotel’s rates in 1908 were:

Single room: 4/- (20p)
Double room: 8/- (80p)
Breakfast: 3/6 (18p)
Luncheon: 3/6 (18p)
Tea: 1/- (5p)
Dinner: 5/- (25p)
Attendance: 1/6 (8p)
Boarding terms: 15/- per day (75p)
94/6 per week (£4.73)

The Royal York Hotel
From the private collection of John Lamper

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  • My dad was the head porter of Royal York Buildings from 1973 to 1976. He used to take me all around this lovely old building. I remember going right down into the basement. It was very spooky. There were lots of bricked off tunnels.

    By J. (20/10/2006)
  • I own a book entitled “One Hundred Years of the Royal York Brighton” written by Mr Harry Preston to commemorate the Hotel’s centenary on 27th September 1919. It includes a note sent on behalf of the then Prince of Wales accepting a copy. I would like to find a good home for this publication. If anyone is interested, please e-mail me at:

    By D. Matthews (15/04/2007)
  • In 1835, My Grandfather, Jacob Skinner, left home at 12, walked 50 miles to Brighton from Cranbrook, Kent and was a pageboy at this hotel. He entertained the guests at the request of the manager, by reciting from memory, both Disraeli’s and Gladstone’s political speeches.

    By Carol Motley (18/05/2007)
  • I am currently working in the Royal York Hotel, it is being converted into pent houses and offices. The basement is extremly cold and damp but so much history there. There is 18th century flooring downstairs and cupboards etc. Not much to look at in this stage but the workers have revealed some astonishing old plaster boarding and old brickwork.

    By Lee (24/07/2007)
  • Can anyone tell me the name of the company that has bought the hotel?

    By Reni (31/10/2007)
  • It’s now owned by The Imperial Property Company and has a website at

    By Denise (22/02/2008)
  • My great great great uncle Alfred Hoadly (1830-1885) was proprietor of the Royal York from 1874 until his death in 1885. I wonder if anyone viewing this site might have any more information about him?  All I know thus far can be found on my website at  I am particularly keen to obtain a photograph of him. My email address is  Many thanks.

    By Graham Hoadly (13/08/2008)
  • My great great uncle was a servant there in 1891, when the head was a John Woosnam. He then joined the army and eventually died in WW1.

    By Clair (09/04/2009)

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