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“Does anyone know the history of Adelaide Mansions which is a large block on its own to the left of Adelaide Crescent if you’re standing with your back to the sea? I live there and would like to know who it was built for, when, etc.”

Adelaide Mansions, Brighton

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  • As a little girl, I always wanted to grow up and get married to my boyfriend, Chris, and live in a mansion. I am very happy for whoever lives in this beautiful home!

    By Nikki (21/07/2004)
  • Built 1874 and converted in 1906 to flats. Modernised in 1987 apart from Flat 2, which was left as it was. Flats 3 and 4 were Lawnes Hotel till c1997 when it was converted. Most original features like fireplaces were removed in a midnight raid. The police attended but it was very ‘Keystone cops’. During the war it was used as a lookout post but now views are obsured by all the road signs.

    By Mark (31/08/2004)
  • I lived in the basement of the corner block (No. 35) as you look at the house from the seafront. My mum was the caretaker in the Second World War. I think the house next door was used by the Red Cross for wounded soldiers. It was a beautiful house – Mum had to clean the crystal chandelier in the hall – no mean feat!

    By Sandie Waller (23/05/2007)
  • I have a letter written on 31st August 1886 by my great great grandfather, Jabez Reynolds, in which he says he built “4 houses in Adelaide Mansions”. I’m trying to find out if he meant this block or if it is a muddle. I’ve posted a comment about this and you might like to see the replies I’ve had. I’d love to get to the bottom of this!

    By Joanna Biddolph (26/07/2008)

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