The first stage of refurbishment

Installation of new windows
Photo by Trevor Chepstow

Major restoration work at Embassy Court, the long-neglected block of flats on Brighton seafront, has started this month (June 2004) with the first trail “Crittall” window installed.

A £5 million plan
The first stage of a planned £5 million refurbishment at the art deco building will begin when hoardings and scaffolding are installed and will start at the top and work down.

Sir Terence Conran involved
Design guru Sir Terence Conran is working with residents on plans to restore the decaying building to its original glory. Swimming pools, a restaurant, an art gallery and a museum have been suggested as possible improvements to the building, which has become notorious after falling into disrepair.  Lobbies and corridors are being cleaned after years of legal disputes over who should pay for maintenance allowed them to become grimy and vandalised.

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  • Having just moved into Embassy court this month, as the resoration works commences, I would love to be able to console myself about the dust in my living-room, drilling and sandblasting at 9 am and the tragic, tragic suffocation of my beautiful sea view by throwing myself head first into researching this amazing building. My research however keeps drawing me to the seemingly endless debate about its restoration and an equally endless ranting about how it was left to get so dilapidated and who’s to blame. I am much more interested in finding out about the working modern building in its hey day. If Embassy Court was in fact ‘the address’ to have in Brighton in the 1930’s, with it’s bars and restaurants and celebrity residents where are all the pictures and stories? If anyone has any information that may help me paint a picture of these extravagant apartments at their most flamboyant I would love to hear from you! As an art student the ghostly mystery shrouding the building is a very exciting prospect and any help in piecing together this mystery would be fantastic…

    By Imogen (14/08/2004)
  • I thank you for drawing attention to Embassy Court. I would be very interested to know if any of the penthouse flats are for sale in their present condition. I am a specialist at renovation but I am looking to move into an art deco building where I would be pleased to offer my expertise to other owners and also help with the restoration if I bought a flat.

    By michael davis (21/08/2004)
  • Correct me somebody if I am wrong, but I was informed that the council now (2012) own this building.

    By Jenny Shaw (12/08/2012)
  • Jenny Shaw, consider yourself corrected! The Council has never owned Embassy Court. It has always been owned privately and will continue to thanks to the hard work or the Freeholders (Bluestorm) to maintain the property.

    By Steven Greenfield (19/09/2012)

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