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Photograph taken in 1913

Hangleton Manor House, Hangleton Farm, 21st September 1913
Image reproduced with kind permission from Brighton and Hove in Pictures by Brighton and Hove City Council

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  • Wonderful picture – what a place! I descend from Scrase and Hardwick who owned this manor in the past (also from Blaker in the neighbouring parish of Portslade).

    By Chris (24/07/2003)
  • Did you know that in the first or second door on the left as you look at this photo there was a deep well set in the floor? I used to throw stones down it as a kid.

    By Pete Allan (16/05/2006)
  • Anybody out there who went to the youth club at the Hangelton Valley Free Church? Paul Nelson, Ruth Clemants, Nigel Box, Mark Scally? It would be great to hear from anyone. This would be around the late 1980s. Hope to hear from someone soon.

    By Wayne Wareham (21/07/2008)
  • Love the photo and should be able to find more. My father Howard and his sister Hilda Cross spent part of their childhood at Hangleton Manor, with their parents Effie and Clement (my grandparents) who farmed the area for several years. Dad has wonderful stories about a ghost, and the secret smugglers tunnel, which led from Shoreham harbour to the manor then to St Helen’s (I think) on top of the hill. The well pump was powered by a donkey on a treadmill. I live in Australia, but we try & go there for a meal when I’m over on a visit to Mum & Dad. Thanks for a great site!

    By Mary Lane (nee Cross) (24/09/2008)
  • I descend from the Hardwicks at Hangleton. My grandfather, John Percy Lynton Hardwick, was the last to be born there. He left when he was 10. Be in touch with me if you are also a descendent of the Harwicks. Might be fun.

    By Peta Wilkinson (16/09/2009)
  • What a wonderful photo of a really English manor. Thank you and hope there are more to be posted.

    By Bonny Cother (30/03/2011)
  • In the early sixties I used to work at the Manor as a Saturday job. What a crazy place! Regarding the well, my job was to dispose of the empty lager bottles, by chucking them down that well. The pub made little money so there were various hangers-on who were living there as payment for services, such as painting the beautiful embossed ceiling in the “Red Lounge”. I can recall that there was a period when, with no money to pay for the electricity, customers used to bring their own candles. What a jolly place it was. There was a rather interesting room, which had wood panelling, that was carved with- “persevere ye perfect men, ever keep these precepts ten” (note that the only vowel used is an “E”) I don’t recall if the Ten Commandments were there too, or not.

    By Nick Parsons (27/03/2012)
  • I seem to remember it derelict in the late 1950s or early 1960s, or was that some farm buildings close by?

    By Peter Groves (27/03/2012)
  • I remember playing in there with my brother Phillip Potter and neighbours Paul and Micheal Trigg. Then when we were 16 we used to drink in there.

    By Linda Franz (Potter) (26/06/2012)
  • When I was the age of 2 in 1954 my family left Australia to live at Hangleton Manor which my Grandfather was running as a hotel. We stayed for a couple of years then moved back to Australia. I still have some old photos. 

    By Philip Kilvington (14/01/2015)
  • It would be great to see those photos

    By Peter Groves (15/01/2015)
  • Does anyone remember the Pritchard family that lived in the farm cottage at Hangleton? Mrs Pritchard cleaned for my grandmother who lived in Hangleton Road. Sometimes I would play with the boys at the farm. If anyone has a picture of the farm I would love it to put in my memoirs I live in Australia.

    By Miriam Cooper (03/05/2021)
  • I was born in Hangleton and I love the manor I know about the ghost and I just love all the history. I married and moved away but I often stayed with my aunt Lucette who lives in close proximity to Hangleton Manor and has herself done her own research and has seen the ghost.

    By Sarah forrest (06/05/2021)
  • I grew up in Hangleton from about 1996 until I left the area at 17 in 2010.
    I went all over and everywhere in Hangleton as I had paper rounds as a kid.
    However I never heard of the secret tunnels that are supposedly beneath St Helens and Hangleton Manor.
    Does anyone know if this is actually a thing that exists and if so, do they offer tours or is there a way to sneak in?

    By Jack Budgen (07/11/2022)
  • Sorry but the “secret tunnels” do NOT exist!

    By Peter Groves (07/11/2022)

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