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Before the vandals moved in

Hangleton Manor in 1965 before the vandals moved in
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

The place was deserted

As a kid I lived in Hangleton in the early 1960s and remember Hangleton Manor very well. Friends and I used to sneak in and walk round the place. The manor was deserted; derelict in the kitchen area but still fully furnished everywhere else. Over time the place was vandalised but in 1964 when I first snuck in, I think at aged about seven years old, most of the place was clean and tidy – as though it had only just closed.

Do you remember the manor before it was renovated? If you do, please leave a comment below.

A very deep well

The kitchen however, was derelict, and papers and ledgers were strewn all over the floor. They dated back to 1920 as I recall. In the kitchen area was a well and as kids we threw stones in. It was uncovered and we could have fallen in – and it was very deep. There was a pig farm out the back, where the houses are now. It obviously fell into disuse for a period in the early 60s before it was revived as a pub.

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  • My great grandmother was the caretaker in the 1930s. We are just in the process of putting together my mums memories of a year she lived there as a child.

    By Bev Doo (03/03/2019)
  • Sounds interesting Bev. If you would like to share them – please mail me

    By Jennifer Drury (04/03/2019)
  • Yes, I remember exploring around the back of the manor when it was deserted in the 60s, particularly the deep well. I am glad it has been put back into use rather than left to decay. My dad helped to restore the dovecote as a volunteer carpenter after he retired. I have a booklet about it. My parents also used to visit an elderly Miss Sackville who said that she grew up there so probably the family who owned it years ago.

    By Jean Honour (19/03/2019)
  • I moved to one of the new tudor built houses which looked over the back of the manor in 1958 when I was eight. I remember playing in there and getting told off “you might fall down the well”. At the end of the road there were fields with a white horse called Heggarty. I used to play on the golf course and make camps with my friend Pat who lived in the old cottages round on Mr Broomfields pig farm, who was a scary man. I also remember the farm by St Helens church, with a huge brown bull behind big metal bars.

    By Carol Georgina Boxall (15/03/2020)
  • I love Hangleton and grew up there as a child , my aunt who I love visiting and hearing her stories of Hangleton manor still lives in Hangleton.

    By Sarah Forrest (06/05/2021)

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