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Photo of Kemps, High Street, Portslade Old Village, 1975
Image reproduced with permission from Ray Hamblett

Did you know that the Blaker family descendants became notable Surgeons?

Nathaniel Blaker was one of the very wealthiest residents, leaving £25,0000.

Members of the Blaker family emigrated to the USA, and Australia.

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  • My father’s name is Edward Waugh Blaker Jr. and his dad Edward Waugh Blaker Sr. from West Virginia, USA. Any connection?

    By Danielle Blaker (25/04/2005)
  • I do not believe that the Blaker descendants associated with the family that owned Kemps, ever emigrated to USA or Australia. They did however settle in New Zealand and South Africa. One branch was also resident in Hong Kong for a time where they were associated with what is known as the HSBC bank. I would be delighted to be proved wrong however as it would mean discovering unknown branches of this family. Yes, the family did have a number of surgeons in it as well as Queen’s/King’s Counsel and other lawyers, bankers and clergy. The most notable current descendant is Baron Peter Allan Renshaw Blaker (a recipient of that honour as a member of Margaret Thatcher’s government).

    By Chris (24/09/2006)

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