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A wonderful new home

Hillside, Moulsecoomb
Photo by Tony Mould

My own room

Around 1956/7 we moved out of Boston Street in Brighton to Shortgate Road Moulsecoomb till 1964/5, then moved to Hillside; I moved out in 1974. I remember the move as if it were yesterday. Once the removal van was loaded we drove along Lewes Road towards Moulsecoomb and we arrived mid morning. I unpacked my clock work train set and played in the front room while the removal men unloaded the van. It was a wonderful new home for me. For the first time I had my own room which we now call a box room. It was great to just flick on a switch and have an electric light come on; no more candles. After a short time I started at Moulsecoomb infants; at that time juniors & seniors all were in the same grounds.

We had an indoor toilet, and a bath with hot running water. It all seemed very strange at the beginning.

My first job

My first job was in 1966, the same year as the World Cup. I began work with a greengrocer called Strafford’s in St James’s Street. Across the road was a gents’ hairdresser, and because it was a Saturday and the World Cup was on, they installed a television set. We could just see the football from across the road; no sound of course, but better than nothing. After about 6 months in the trade I made up my mind that one day I would have my own green grocers. I fulfilled my plan in the mid 1980s, going on to start a garden & fencing business until 2006. I then started in the funeral trade till 2013; at present I am semi retired.

Do you remember?

Have you any Moulsecoomb memories to share with us? What about the World Cup – do you remember watching it – where were you? If you can share your memories with us, please leave a comment below.

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  • I have many Moulsecoomb memories to share as I lived there for the first part of my life, at the age of 9 I was in my Nan’s front room of 48 Colbourne Avenue on the 30th July 1966 and witnessed England winning the World Cup. It was one of my earliest memories of watching football and I was glued to the telly for the whole match. 

    By Paul Clarkson (30/05/2014)

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