Memories of working at the dolphinarium

Back in 1988 I worked in the Sea Life Centre when it had the dolphinarium in it. I had the job of cleaning the glass on the inside of the barriers to the pool. There were the 2 dolphins, called Missy and Silver. To clean the glass. I had to sit in this little boat that they used to take the children round the pool on their birthdays or whatever, and this one time, when I was cleaning the glass, Missy took the ring of the boat round her nose and I had a free ride and nearly fell over board!!!

The best experience I had was on my last day when they let me and a mate swim with them. It was incredible, they were very friendly and didn`t seem to mind at all. I was glad though to hear on the news that they were given their freedom in the open sea, as that pool was far too small.

Did you know that years ago there were 5 dolphins in there at one time? I can say, though, that they were very well cared for. They also had sea-lions and seals and a baby crocodile and some penguins there as well. It’s not the same there now as I took my kids there, and was only there for about an hour. It was very expensive and not much to do. What a shame!

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  • In 1988 a film was made called “fruit machine” where two gay teenagers run away to Brighton after seeing a murder. One of the teenagers spends a lot of time at the dolphinarium. This is probably the last footage of the dolphinarium and the dolphins before it closed down, and is fascinating. More information can be found at and at

    By Iain Gowers (25/11/2003)
  • Thank you for this information. I used to go in the boat when it was my birthday – will try and get the video! Thanks!

    By Natasha Maynard (28/04/2005)
  • I am sure I went to the Dolphinaria when I was little and there was a dolphin called Baby, now I think how small the pool is and how unhappy those poor dolphins were. I’m so glad for your post saying that the they were well cared for. Thankyou

    By Emma Smith (12/10/2018)

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