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Your editor for Hollingbury, Coldean and Stanmer is Geoffrey Mead. If you’ve got any queries about this area, or can add any information, photos or memories, please send My Brighton and Hove a message via the Comments form at the bottom of this page.

Hollingbury today
Hollingbury is a complex area to describe and the more so as it is not seen as a ‘sexy’ area such as North Laine or Hanover. The area sits high on a hill side (like much of Brighton!) across the north of the city with Patcham down in the valley to the west, Coldean ditto on the east and the by-pass forming the northern limit. To the south it slides imperceptively into leafy Surrenden and the busy Fiveways shopping area.
What are the benefits of this suburban hill location? The views are what sells it to everyone. There are great downland landscapes, taking in Stanmer Woods, the Chattri and the Devil’s Dyke. We enjoy walks in the Woods or over the Camp. In the autumn, with the valley full of swirling mist, we feel like an offshore island. There are three pubs, ranging from council estate ‘colourful’ to suburban ‘Essex Girl’ clientele; a good library; a super bus service and ASDA on the doorstep! Best of all it has Brighton and Hove’s friendliest and most honest car repairer – Bells Garage!


Comments about this page

  • The Hollingbury fort photo is the industrial estate photo.

    By George Leary (28/05/2004)
  • I have a number of photographs of the building of Hollingbury Industrial Estate if anyone is interested.

    By Peter Groves (20/06/2004)
  • I was brought up in West Drive, Coldean, in early 1940s which was then an unmade road under, I think, Chailey RDC. Coldean was a small village of about three or four streets. The rest was farmland. Bates Estate was then apple orchards where I went scrumping. When Coldean came under the auspices of Brighton Council, West Drive then became Rushlake Road as there was already a West Drive in Queen’s Park. The road was eventually paved and tarmaced some time after the Coldean Council houses had been built. Stanmer Park was closed to the public until the late 1940s as it was occupied as a training ground for the Army (there are still traces of trenches if you look carefully). Has anyone photos of the flint cottages at bottom of Coldean Lane?

    By David Eldridge (27/09/2004)
  • This is a message for Peter Groves who asked if anyone was interested in pictures of the building of Hollingbury. I would be very interested as I’m preparing a talk on the development of Hollingbury. You’re not the Peter Groves who lived in Lyminster Ave in the 1950s are you?

    By Jacqueline Pollard (28/05/2005)
  • I lived in Lyminster Ave in the late 40s/early 50s and remember when the road surface was just chalk. I moved to Cuckmere Way then to Ditchling Crescent where my dad was involved in a self-build housing group. I emigrated to Australia in 1968 and I am living in Melbourne. I love this site as it has opened up memories of a very happy childhood seemingly of endless summers spent playing over on the golf course and around Wild Park. We also used to play in the woods at ‘old boat corner’ and sometimes used to ride our bikes up to the dew ponds on the way to Ditchling Beacon. The first one on the left-hand side was reputedly bottomless in the centre! So we confined our tadpoling to the outside edges. The ride down the Beacon was very exhilarating. I am looking forward to coming over in May 2006 and re-visiting my childhood. I have been in contact with Carden School and am looking forward to a visit. I went to Varndean Grammar from 1956 to 1962 and also hope to pay a visit there. Does anyone remember me?

    By Peter Wood (27/10/2005)
  • What a very nice site this is. Does anybody remember the Carden Youth Club in Carden School 1962? I had good memories of this and would like to hear anyone’s comments on it!

    By Phyl Barcock (nee Gillam) (21/03/2006)
  • I moved to Hollingbury in October 2003. A lovely place to raise children, my boys attend Hove Park. Bus services are great. The A27 and A23 are accessible in minutes and the view in all seasons is amazing. Seeing the hot air balloons gliding over the Downs at sunset is picturesque. Short of winning the lottery (and even then I’m not sure), I cannot think of anyplace else where I would want to live.

    By Maxine Parker (29/04/2006)
  • Carden youth club! Yes I remember it well, lots of interesting people and some very good table tennis players. A friend of mine (whose name I am unable to remember) used to practice with his rock and roll band there, they sounded very good. Can any one remember Andy who was the club clown? Would love to hear from other former users of the club.

    By Peter Miller (28/11/2006)
  • Does anyone remember my family? We lived in the early 1960s at 60 Rotherfield Crescent. My Mum was called Ivy or ‘Marge’ Smickler and she had five daughters and a son: Dave, Annette, Sue, Ros, Dot, Helena. She married Stanley Wojtczak, a chef (who was Helena’s Dad). Be nice to hear from anyone who knew us.

    By Helena Wojtczak (06/01/2007)
  • Hollingbury used to be my place of retreat in the summer when I was a child and lived in London. Jean and Harry Simmons used to be my adopted aunt and uncle and lived on Carden Hill for years and possibly still do. Does anyone remember them?

    By Helen Ripley (17/01/2007)
  • In reply to Helen Ripley – I live in Hollingbury and knew a Jean and Harry Simmons. They lived opposite the school in Carden Hill on the raised bank of houses up off the road and they had daughter Mary. Harry died in the early 90s and Jean died 4 or 5 years ago – can’t remember the exact year. I hope that answers your query.

    By Lynda Brand (28/02/2007)
  • My family moved to Hollingbury, Rotherfield Crescent, in 1987 when i was six. Both me and my sister attended Carden School and I still remember the tales of war time hospitals and things that go bump in the night coming from the stage trap doors! Collecting (more like pinching) golfballs off of the course and selling them back to the shop was popular with me and my mates who lived on Lyminster Avenue. We also all went to cub scouts at the methodist church hall. My fondest memories must be riding our bikes up the unoped bypass and sliding down the new skateboard ramp on my bum because I was too scared to skate at the Old Boat Corner park. It’s funny how things come around as I am now working for the Argus newspaper based at Crowhust Road, Hollingbury Industrial Estate. This is a great site and Hollingbury was the perfect place to grow up.

    By Nick Bates (06/03/2007)
  • Nick your comments of the stage trap door at Carden school has just opened a whole range of memories for me. Did you ever go down there? Do you remember the ghost stories of the downstairs toilets in the junior school and also the old sports store/cupboard? Ms Smart will always remain my favourite teacher through my entire schooling. I agree Hollingbury was great, we used to play in 49 acres just behind Ditchling and Elsted Crescents (not sure where the name came from though). Didn’t summers seem to last ages then?

    By Gavin Cherriman (18/12/2007)
  • Brian – your comments were great.  I lived on the corner of Crabtree Avenue and also went to the Youth Club in the 1950’s and remember dancing to the music of the Everly Brothers.  Fab memories of many happy times in Hollingbury.  I too used to get the 26 bus to the Old Steine or Western Road.

    By Ann Allsop (21/02/2008)
  • Gavin – yes I do remember the ghost stories of the Carden Junior toilets, did you ever hear the one about the floating bowler hat?  It’s a small world, I am sure I was in the same year as your younger brother Shaun.  I also had Ms Smart as a teacher, she went on to be head teacher of the school on Ditchling Road. There was a great rope swing in the woods in 49 acres but it was a bloody steep drop if you ever fell off.

    By Nick Bates (23/02/2008)
  • I lived in County Oak Avenue and left in 1974. I am looking for pictures or information of the Church where I attended a Youth Group in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. It was run by Mr. and Mrs. Payne and I remember lots of photos and films were taken of us. It may have been the Methodist Church but I am not sure.
    I live in Australia and love all information in regards to Brighton.

    By Angela Horton (28/02/2008)
  • I too lived in Carden Hill, Hollingbury with my family (The Dewdneys) in the 1960s – 80s. They were happy days for us children. We spent long summer days picnicking in Stamner Park during the school holidays. I remember having to walk to Moulescombe via the golf links to visit relatives on Sundays for tea, but not having the luxury of a car and no buses coming up over Coldean Lane had little choice but to walk home again. I also remember the winters there, being so cold that we would often wake up to find snow on the inside of the window pane. My parents both worked up at Gross Cash Registers and Creeds, long since gone. I think that the 26 bus still runs there, so not everything changes. Happy Days

    By Sharon Smales (Dewdney) (03/04/2008)
  • I was born in Saunders Hill, Coldean, my family moved into the house when it had just been built and my sister still lives there after 55 years. I can remember the two flint cottages at the bottom of Coldean Lane very well; also ColdeanSchool holds many fond memories for me, when Mr Burrows was the head. Can anyone recall the pancake race held every year ? What about the Jazz club held at the school every Wednesday and the 50th Brighton Scouts and Cub group based in Coldean. Iid love to see any old pictures any one may hold of the estate .I now live in Crabtree avenue Hollingbury .

    By Paul Mohns (29/09/2008)
  • Tomorrow (Sunday October 5th 2008) my family is meeting up with the family that used to live next door to us in Rotherfield Crescent until 1964. So, 44 years ago!

    By Helena Wojtczak (04/10/2008)
  • A message to Helena Wojtczak. I was in the same year at school as a Susan Smickler, who with such an unusual surname, must be your sister Sue. I’ve also enjoyed reading your various books. My family moved to Hollingbury in 1948 and I agree that it was a wonderful place in which to grow up. The freedom we had to play on the downs and explore the local area would be unthinkable today.
    A newly formed social history group are planning to produce a book on the Hollingbury area and we would welcome any memories/pictures of the area (from the Hollingdean Road area where the name Hollingbury was first adopted in the 1920’s up to the post war Hollingbury Estate). If at all possible we would like to use some of the memories written on this site, if permission is given by the authors.
    Mr and Mrs Payne (now unfortunately both deceased) used to run the youth club at the Methodist Church in Lyminster Avenue. I attended the church from its opening in 1952 until I left the area to go to college in the early 60s. I was also an enthusiastic member of the Girls Guildry that met in the church hall every Monday.

    By Jacqueline Pollard (26/10/2008)
  • Looking for the Dennis family who lived at 34 Carden Hill. The adults were Francis (Frank Dennis) and his wife Marjorie. My grandfather, Edward Dennis, was born in 1924 and often went fishing with Frank and called him his uncle. I think Frank would have been born around 1920. The family emigrated to Laucestone, Tasmania.

    By Adam Dennis (13/11/2008)
  • I remember Susan Smickler very well. We were mates for a period. We were in the same year at school and I used to walk up the road to call for her to get the bus to school. I always remember her as very pretty even when she broke her front tooth.
    I remember Annette but I think Helena may have been the youngest one?
    I’d like to get in touch with you, Helena, with interest in the book you are writing about ‘Women of Sussex’.
    Let me know if I may contact you please.

    By Sandra (03/12/2008)
  • Can’t find any reference to Dorothy Stringer School.
    Is it called something else now? Anyone attend it?

    By Sandra (03/12/2008)
  • I read with interest a comment from Peter Wood who lived in Cuckmere Way in the 1950s/60s. I think we were neighbours as my family moved there around 1951. I had an older brother George who still lives in the same house and a younger brother Allen who died in 2007. I moved to Australia in January 1970 living in Melbourne for a while where I met my husband. I remember attending Carden School and also Patcham Secondary Modern School in Warmdene Road before doing business course at Brighton Technical College. Would love to hear from anyone who may remember me.

    By Brenda McKenzie (Short) (28/02/2009)
  • Re Peter Wood’s comment on Ditchling Crescent. I don’t remember you personally but I remember your Mum and Dad, if I remember correctly living on the top corner near Mr and Mrs Harbour. My brother and sisters would probably remember you (Colin, Linda & Maureen Snelling). My Dad Ernie still lives in No. 31 … sadly my Mum (May) died in 1996. Mr Trangmar (No. 59) is still there … Mrs Lamb & Mrs Collins. Nearly everyone else has moved away. What a great place to live. The ponds are still there. I can confirm that one did have a bottom in the middle as it dried up in around 1970! Great times and what a great place for us all to grow up. Hope to hear from you.

    By Mark Snelling (18/03/2009)
  • Message for Jacqueline Pollard regarding your Social History Group. I would love to be in touch with you if the book is still in progress. Maybe it is completed by now, but if not I would like to see if I can offer any memories or hear more about the book and where it can be purchased etc. I lived in Hollingbury from 1949 till 1966 and sometimes feel as if I still do. What IS the magic of that place? Look forward to hearing from you via this site or through my email as follows: TheMossFairy@cooptel.net

    By Sandra (12/07/2009)
  • I lived at 107 Cuckmere Way, Hollingbury and I went to Carden Infants and jJuniors 1955-1961. Then I went to Varndean Grammar for boys 1961-1967. My friends were Steve Potter, Gerry Frazer, Chris Hughes, and alex ?

    By Tery Cooper (27/07/2009)
  • My partner and I are considering moving to the area. We have been there a few times and have found it a friendly neighbourhood with good housing. But before taking the big decision of buying a house there, we would like to confirm with locals that we would not suffer from homophobic abuse in the area. Of course, incidents may happen everywhere but we’d like to know if the area is as friendly as it seems basically. We’re a non-scene couple so we’re not talking about hanging rainbow flags off our windows but equally, we would not want to hide the fact we are a couple to our neighbours. What’s your take on this? Gay-friendly area? Semi gay-friendly area? Not gay-friendly area?

    By Natalie (19/09/2009)
  • Message to Brenda Mckenzie (Short): Yes Brenda, we were neighbours & I remember all your family; even your Grandpa. Do you remember the day George managed to put a great lump of steel through your front window? We had some great cricket matches on the green in front of our houses. So sorry to hear about Allen. Have you moved from Melbourne? Would love to hear from you, my email is : flybo1@optusnet.com.au

    By Peter Wood (18/11/2009)
  • Message for Mark Snelling: Hi Mark, yes we lived next door to George & Winnie Harbour and they had some involvement with the youth club at Carden School. They were lovely people now sadly passed away. I don’t remember many of the people who were involved in that self-build scheme, but what a great way to build your house. I’m surprised that concept didn’t continue. I had a wonderful visit in 2006 & hope to come over again next year. If you wish you can get in touch my email is : flybo1@optusnet.com.au

    By Peter Wood (18/11/2009)
  • I was born in Saunders Hill, Coldean in 1962 . My family moved into the house when the plaster on the walls was still wet. To this day the house is still in our family name of MOHNS; does anyone remember us? I have many many fond and very clear memories of Coldean and many of the old characters and events. I am very keen to acquire some old photos of the top shops. Very keen on pics from Tommy Vine the green grocers days and Mr Olver the chemist. Anything to do with the school and church and the great annual pancake race?. Can anyone help or can I help anyone else with names and my memories of the old place. The 60s 70Ss AND 80s in Coldean - what a great place to grow up. Hope to hear from someone Paul Mohns 47, now in Hollingbury

    By PAUL MOHNS (29/01/2010)
  • Hi, Angela, do you remember Mark Windsor in Midhurst Rise? He remembers your brother Kevin and him going to Carden School. Where is he now?

    By Tony Furey (10/02/2010)
  • I remember Mark Windsor and still see him sometimes, he used to play football with my brothers Lee Hambrook and Andrew Hambrook. My dad Ken ran the local E&A football team. We had loads of football boys around. My parents still live in Carden Avenue.

    By Karen Hambrook (19/03/2010)
  • Does anyone remember my old penpal from the 60th? I think her name was Sally Field and the address was something like 9 Elsted, Hollingbury? It would be fun to know how she is doing today. We wrote about the years 68-70.

    By Stefan Rosengren (20/04/2010)
  • Message to Adam Dennis. Hi Adam – I look at this site occassionally, but have never seen your message before. A couple of years back I saw a message on another site, but I believe you have to subscribe to get messages through to people, because although I replied, I never heard anymore from you. My father was Francis Dennis (Frank), and your grandfather must be Cousin Ted (I remember they were very close in age). Your Granddad was a purser with P & O, and was actually the person who recommended Tasmania to my Dad. Are you interested in contacting me? Dad has sadly, passed away, but Mum is still alive, and will be turning 90 in January 2011. The family now live all over the place – Melbourne, Adelaide, Budderim, Singapore and me in Denmark. Love to hear from you, so I hope you still visit this site regularly and get my message. Cheers from your cousin.

    By Ann Pedersen (24/04/2010)
  • With regards to Helena Wojtczak’s family, I think Dot Smickler may have been in my class at Carden Junior School. My name was Teresa Brett then and I lived in Birchgrove Crescent from 1954 to 1969. Pam Willett was also in the same class, if this helps jog the memory.

    By Teresa Watkins (18/05/2010)
  • Hi Ann Pedersen. Yes, we would love to hear from you. My father’s email is paul.edennis@yahoo.co.uk  My father remembers the fishing trips and was about 13 when your family went to Tasmania. Somewhere amongst our slides we have a picture of a red Marleys van with a couple of children standing by it. Look forward to hearing from you.

    By Adam Dennis (30/05/2010)
  • I logged in “Hollingbury, Sussex” to search for a friend whom I last saw when he was serving his National Service stint in the late fifties / early sixties here in Singapore. His name is Dave Smickler and the only address I have is a scribbled note indicating Rotherfield Crescent, Hollingbury, Brighton, Sussex. Dave loved to sing and he was in the amateur dance band we formed during his stay. It’s been almost 50 years now and after house moves, career changes, life changes, we kind of lost touch. Anyone know of Dave? Cheers everyone. Andy Ong – Singapore dynaking@singnet.com.sg

    By Andy Ong (29/10/2010)
  • I logged in 29 October hoping to find a long lost friend, Dave Smickler. What a surprise when Dave wrote me that his sister told him I was looking for him. We are in touch now. Thank you for posting my search. The people of Brighton and Hove are truly the friendliest (apart from Bell’s Garage – see Geoffrey Mead’s intro). Thank you again. Cheers!

    By Andy Ong (in Singapore) (29/11/2010)
  • Hi, my family moved to Birch Grove Cres. in 1948 and l lived there until 1993 (l remember we had more snow and frost inside the windows than on the outside). Where are all the members of Hollingbury youth club from the late 50’s thru until mid 60s? You must be out there somewhere. Does anyone have any photos of Birch Grove before the flats were built?

    By Gerald Millard (09/01/2011)
  • They probably don’t remember me and my mates but often on our way home to Hollingbury we would give the two sisters Sue and Annette a lift home if they were walking back to Hollingbury. This was after the Regent had finished at midnight, l will just add that they were the best lookers in Hollingbury, both stunning, l think one married a builder but not sure.

    By Gerry Millard (09/01/2011)
  • Wow – lots of people seem to have known my family – Smicklers of Rotherfield Avenue. Dot, Sue, Annette, Dave, Ros and me, the youngest. I have a few pics taken in Hollingbury if anyone needs them for a book. Gerald – Sue married a builder (heating engineer) in 1963 and a university lecturer in 2009.
    Regards Helena Wojtczak, author of “Women of Victorian Sussex” and “Notable Sussex Women”.

    By Helena Wojtczak (08/04/2011)
  • Hi Helena. Sorry not to have been in touch for a while. Moving to Holland has been quite dynamic. More news about that privately. Today I am curious about the photos you spoke of above. I am not writing a book but, having let go of most of my past photos, I would love a glance down memory lane. If you are happy to share some of them I’ll leave my email address below. Not managed to find Sue on FaceBook as yet. Greetings from Holland. TheMossFairy@cooptel.net

    By Sandra Bohtlingk (nee Baldwin) (08/04/2011)
  • My maiden name is Nicola Steedman and I lived at 58 Rotherfield Cresent until 1965. I was the youngest. My mum was Rita, my dad was Leslie and my brothers were Ian and Graham and sisters were Denise and Jeanette. It would be lovely to hear from anyone 07955578935.

    By Nicola Cahill (05/05/2012)
  • Like many others, I still have fond memories of Hollingbury. We moved to Birch Grove Crescent in 1948, No.13-my auntie and cousins, the Montagues, were already living in the road. We had some great street football matches on a Sunday morning. My mum and brothers still live in the Patcham area. Happy days.

    By Arthur Thorogood (03/07/2012)
  • There is a short, grainy black & white film made in 1949 about Carden School which can be viewed at http://www.britishpathe.com/video/prefab-school/query/prefab+school+brighton . It is a wonderful piece of archive film showing both exterior views of the school and surrounding countryside, and interior shots of children in the classrooms and canteen. I think the film was made to showcase the new post war concept in school design and all the modern facilities on offer. I went to Carden in 1959, ten years after the film was made but it brought back so many memories. My family lived in Fernhurst Crescent and were the first residents of number 56 – does anyone know when the houses in Fernhurst Crescent were built and ready for occupation?

    By Julia McIntee (nee Souch) (30/08/2012)
  • Hello Julia. I have seen your name come up twice now. I lived in Rotherfield Crescent from 1949 till 1966 and remember a family with the surname Souch, which included a tall young boy, who lived on the corner of Buxted Rise and Fernhurst Crescent. Our house was just at the top of Buxted and a couple of doors down Rotherfield. I do remember I came to that house a couple of times perhaps on an errand for my mum. So now I wonder if you were a younger sister that I have forgotten about.
    I too loved the Pathé News movie. I even had a Scottish kilt like the little girl featured there. I would dearly love to make a visit back to Brighton but am a little unsure whether all the changes would spoil our old time memories. Wouldn’t want to be disappointed.

    By Sandra Bohtlingk (nee Baldwin) (02/09/2012)
  • Sandra – you are right, our house was on the corner of Fernhurst and Buxted and I had two brothers who were quite a bit older than me. I was friends with the Allum family, who must have been near neighbours of yours. I used to take a shortcut over our back garden fence, across the area where the garages are and over the fence into their back garden. I think I must have been good at avoiding the brambles and stinging nettles! ‘The Garages’ was a popular spot for children to play and meet up, there were seldom any adults or cars around. The Carden film is great, isn’t it? Any idea who the teacher is?

    By Julia McIntee (Souch) (03/09/2012)
  • Sandra Baldwin! Were you the Sandra who came to join our family when we were on holiday at Chiltern Chine on the IOW in 1964? I remember where you and your family lived, Sue Ann and I lived at number 3 Buxted. Remember the sledging?

    By Carole Harvey (15/12/2012)
  • Message for Julia McIntee; Hello Julia. I remember the garages well. And yes, the Allums were our next door neighbours, up one but attached. My father built a garage at the bottom of our garden, 59 Rotherfield Crescent, with the doors opening up to the graveled area you speak of. Plenty of room for kids playing and for turning a car there, although dodgy when icy. Our house was next to the driveway down to those garages so I had two ways of approaching that area. Through our garden or out the front and round into the driveway alongside us. It is true what you say about no-one about. I can’t even re-call if anyone used any of those garages? I have also watched the Carden School film. Just exactly as it is in my memory too.

    By Sandra Bohtlingk (nee Baldwin) (17/12/2012)
  • Hello Carole, Sandra here. Well, as for sledging, I don’t think I took part. I am the ‘sit down with needle and thread’ type and not very sporty. But I can well imagine how Buxted Rise will have risen to the need of sledging fun and sure I may have enjoyed watching the fun of others. Steep enough! As for the Isle of Wight, I have no recollections at all. I know I was there one time with my parents but cannot remember visiting others. I am curious who it must have been that you remember as a Sandra. In 1964 I was busy getting engaged so I’ll have been 18 then and probably not having holidays with my parents any longer. How are you all? I remember all three of you from Buxted Rise. At least I remember your names but mostly recall Sue as we had some contact together. I also recall your mother. So you must have been neighbours to Mr and Mrs Hall, sons John and I think the younger one was Kevin? What is interesting about Sue is that we only had chats occasionally, maybe in our teen years but later when I was married, and Sue too, we met up again. This time living, again in the next street to one another, in Porstlade. We would converge sometimes as she was out walking her Alsation dog.

    By Sandra Bohtlingk (nee Baldwin) (17/12/2012)
  • Just adding another garage story: These garages were surrounded by Buxted Rise, Rotherfield Crescent, Keymer Road and Fernhurst Crescent. All our back gardens backed onto these garages. But this is not such a good memory. I recall going on a day trip with Jonathan Hall and his parents to Chessington Zoo. They lived two doors up from me, next house up from the Allums. Probably 55 Rotherfield. We’d had a great day and the journey home was a bundle of giggles in the back seat of Mr Hall’s car. Goodness knows what could have kept us laughing, non-stop, from Chessington to Hollingbury. Must have been a bit much for Mr and Mrs Hall up front. However, on our return, Jonathan and I had met up with Patrick Woods who, at that time, lived next door to me in number 57 before the Allums moved in. We all three agreed to meet up after tea at the garages behind and continue our day together. I must have been no more than 8 at that time. So after tea I skipped off outside, still in my pretty ‘going out’ party dress, turned into the gravel driveway, changed step into a gallop and promptly fell flat on my face. That was the end of my day’s outing. Blood pouring from my left knee, grazed palms on both hands, wounded little finger and plenty of tears to re-balance the abundance of earlier laughter. Not to mention a big hole in my yellow party dress. I recall being sat down in my kitchen on the shoe cleaning stool next to the sink while mum tried to mop up the blood between nearly passing out. Dad arrived home just then. Took one look at the both of us and decided to take over. He first told Mum she should have made me a cup of tea saying it would help recover the shock. He then asked how it happened and proceeded to tell me ‘that is what happens when you run!’  As if running was not something God intended for 8 year olds. Although not much pity was administered he did get me settled and I was bound in great bandages that were changed daily but lasted for weeks. I still have the scars to prove it. The dress ended up having a silk flower made and stitched over the hole. Maybe it looked as if it had always been there but it was a constant reminder to me of a painful crash landing.

    By Sandra Bohtlingk (nee Baldwin) (17/12/2012)
  • Another message for Carole; I wonder if you have confused me with the Balchin family at number 61 Rotherfield. I remember when I was three and moved into 59, in 1949, mum was surprised to find out we were right next door to a women she had worked with in the Fire Service. Eileen Balchin. Her husband was called Ernie, who I believe was a Fireman, and they had three daughters. Jacquie was a couple of years older than I and I played with her the most. Then there was Hazel, one year younger than myself and two years younger than me was Pat. We all attended Carden School and spent long hot summers in one another’s back gardens conjuring up all manner of games and plays to act out. Their garden was the other side of the long gravel path to the garages behind.

    By Sandra Bohtlingk (nee Baldwin) (30/12/2012)
  • The parade of shops in Carden Ave. were as follows, Mr. Chitty the fish and chip shop (it was rumoured he choked on a fish bone) Mr. and Mrs Louis ladies & gents hairdressers, The Chemist, Nichols the bakers (best lardy cakes one could buy), Mr Southern the butcher, Larters the grocers, Frank Colbourne the greengrocer, Osbournes the newsagent and the last building was the local rent office.

    By Gerald Millard (09/08/2013)
  • Liked your page. I lived in Lyminster Ave and have a brother and sister – Peter and Barbara. We moved to Hollingbury in 1948. I remember lots of the people and times talked about. We didn’t realise how good it was then, did we?

    By Pamela Linley (Wendy now) (23/08/2013)
  • I remember the Linley family. Did you live next to the pathway which went down into Crabtree Avenue? If so your brother was a great friend of Robert Kenly who l lived next door to. My children all went to Carden school, and my grandchildren. The church is still there, Mr Atkins was the main person there but I believe he is no longer with us. Kathleen Catt nee Cornford

    By Kathleen Catt [nee Cornford] (25/08/2013)
  • So, who remembers any of us? I am Bryan Eastwood youngest of six, my siblings being: Sally, Richard, Jimmy, Bobby, Roger and then myself. I was born in 1950 and lived in Crabtree Avenue .

    By Bryan Eastwood (14/10/2013)
  • Hi. My name is Steve Raynsford. We lived at 13 Fernhurst Crescent from the late ’40s. I was born in 1951,  my mum & dad was Harry and Grace. I have two sisters, Val & Barbara and my brother Barry; I was the youngest. We lived opposite the Clark family and I remember the Turton family and also the Gees who lived next door,  and my best friend Ken Baverstock (Porkie was his nickname ). I’d love to hear from Ken again. Does anybody know me or my family?

    By Stephen Raynsford (20/10/2013)
  • Mr and Mrs Harbour were the people who gave up a great deal of time for the teenagers of Hollingbury in the 1950/ 60s. With the youth club and dances in the school hall we really did have a wonderful life, the skiffle bands, table tennis, many friends and wonderful times. They did the younger generation proud, it truly was a great time.

    By Mary Smith nee Gillespie (26/10/2013)
  • l remember that great family called the Gillespies  l had some great times with Tom who was a great bloke and a not bad footballer, then there was Robert who l remember more from that great youth club at Carden School, think his girlfriends name was Hazel. Brigit was married  think and Mary was a good laugh, as was Dennis, but my best memories are of their parents Bob and Maud who always gave you a lovely welcome at any time of the night or day. Great and happy days and what a place to grow up in. If only!!!

    By Gerry Millard (17/11/2013)
  • Hi Gerry, yes she still is Hazel! We have just had our 52nd anniversary last week. Tom, Mary, myself and Dennis still live in Patcham. Do you remember when Mary was chosen to be Miss Hollingbury in 1957-ish? What about the club skiffle group The James Gang, or Boys? They appeared on STV in the mid ’50s. Do you ever see any of the crowd we used to go to the Savoy with?

    By Robert Gillespie. (12/12/2013)
  • Hi Robert, 52 years well done mate. Savoy night mates there are a few around still, Alex Williams has been in Canada for about 45 years and Iain Shurety. Martin Lewes (Lou) died l’m afraid. I met up with Clive Castle after about 40 years. When you think of it it’s a disgrace that we leave things so long as l went to school with him from the age of six. Tell Mary l remember for some stupid reason she had a friend who had a boyfriend called “Tudor”. Why l remember this god only knows. As l said on my posting Hollingbury was a fantastic place to live and grow up in, both my children live in London but they always speak of Hollingbury as home just like all of us. It’s nice to make contact Robert and say hello to all the family for me. Thanks Robert, regards Gerry Millard. (l did hear that Mick Pope has passed away but l am not sure. He lived by Alex Williams). What l would give for one more night up the Youth Club, Happy Days

    By Gerry Millard (19/12/2013)
  • We moved to 13 Birchgrove Crescent in 1948 when the house was newly built, my aunt Rose Montague moving into 31 at about the same time, she living more or less next door to Gerry who has posted previously. Our family expanded so we moved into a larger house at the top of Warnham Rise. I have fond memories of mass football matches in the street at the bottom of Warnham Rise on a Sunday morning, sledging down Birchgrove Crescent out into Denton Drive in the winter, happy days. I have a vague recollection of a car, travelling along Denton Drive, going over a sledge just after the sledge rider managed to roll off. For some reason I think that was Gerry, but time may have clouded my memory. I have seen the name Ken Baverstock mentioned in a previous post. I think his dad may well have been Basil Baverstock, a policeman well known in the West Street area in the early ’60s and from whom I learned a lot about policing a town centre in the mid 60s. He was a man to be feared by the local villains, and us young constables.

    By Arthur Thorogood (12/01/2014)
  • Hi Robert, it’s Gerry again this time with some rather sad news about one of the great youth club characters, Barry Sullivan, aka “Suds”. His wife Carmel who l knew from Carden School e-mailed me with the sad news of Barry’s passing on 12th of Jan this year. He died from a brain tumour and it was unexpected which makes it even more harder to bear. I thought l would let you know as Barry knew your own family from way back when he and Tom were altar Boys at St.Josephs. Carmel has given me a web-page in Canada if you wanted to post any thoughts on Barry. http://www.fundyfuneralhome.com

    By Gerry Millard (17/01/2014)
  • Hi Gerry, really surprised for your memories of my friends boyfriend Tudor, her name was Jeanette Bonnet. I can see your brain cells are working well, hope you’re keeping well x Mary.

    By Mary Smith (01/10/2014)
  • Hi Robert, I was Mary’s boy friend when we were young. I spent a lot time at your home going down to the Snip playing darts. Great fun we all had together at Carden Youth Club with   table tennis and dancing. You may not remember me as I was nearer Tom’s age.

    By William McWhirter (20/02/2015)
  • I lived in Ditchling Crescent, no. 13, next to Mr. Dyer. I knew Ernie and May Snelling and the Harbours, etc. My dad was Jim, and mum Kathy. I remember Peter Wood too. I’ve lived in Barcelona for 47 years, very happily. Found Hollingbury quite boring then in the 1970s but have so many memories.

    By Carol Mitchell (26/02/2015)
  • I lived in Denton Drive with my parents Carol and Roger and my brother and sister Paul and Lisa Durran. Had s great time living there, loved it. ????xxxx

    By Nicky Ledger (Durrant) (22/12/2015)
  • Does anyone remember Harry who worked in the fish and chip shop at 6 County Oak Avenue opposite the screen school? It would have been in the 70’s.

    By Dani Whibley (05/09/2016)
  • Arthur Thorogood and Stephen Raynsford just read your posts and it’s great to hear the memories, especially as they include some of my family. Basil Baverstock, my Grandfather is no longer with us sadly but lived a good retirement in Peacehaven with his wife, my Grandmother Gladys. Ken Baverstock, my Uncle, and his family live in Peacehaven now too so will ask him to look at these messages! His brother is my father Charlie Baverstock who still lives locally and my mother, Anne Baverstock, I think many local people know having taught at Dorothy Stringer High School until a couple of years ago. I grew up in Eastfield Crescent enjoying playing on ‘the green’ in the middle, and went to Lyminster church Sunday school with Mr Atkins and saw him until just before he passed away a few years ago. If anyone has any photos of my family please do let me know as I’d love to see them. Take care, Katie Baverstock (katiebav@hotmail.com)

    By Katie Baverstock (29/10/2016)
  • Katie, did your father Charlie work in insurance? I’m sure I worked with him, either with the Prudential or General Accident (I worked for both and get them confused).

    By Janet Beal (30/10/2016)
  • I just wanted to add, Katie, that I’m sure I’ve seen a photo of your dad here on MyB&H in a Carden School class picture. Try searching…

    By Janet Beal (30/10/2016)
  • Hi Stephen Raynsford.  l see you lived in Fernhurst next to the Bakers. Do you know if they emigrated? Thanks.

    By Gerald Millard (01/02/2017)
  • Hi I’m Gloria Elden nee Morley. I lived in Midhurst Rise and went to Carden school then moved to Birchgrove Cres in 60s and went to Dorothy Stringer school. Remember Zoe King, Julia Hilton, Lynette Spragg and many more from Hollingbury. I live in Norfolk now but would love to hear from anyone who remembers anyone.

    By Gloria Elden (03/10/2017)
  • Amendment to my comment above on (18/12/2012) about Buxted Rise. I have mixed two families together by mistake.
    Next door above the sisters, Sue, Anne and Carole were the Smith family. Mr Smith was a taxi driver and they had two sons, John and Kevin. Next to the Smiths were my friend Johnathan Hall and his parents. Mr Hall was a school teacher.

    By Sandra Bohtlingk (11/02/2018)
  • Sandra, the taxi driver was Derek Smith. My sister was married to his son Kevin.

    By Janet Beal (12/02/2018)
  •  Hallo Janet. It was Mr Smith who found me one dark night after the last bus home had dropped me at Fiveways. I had been on a day’s outing with a group and returned home to The Market in Brighton too late for the last bus to Hollingbury. My escort ran off to take his last bus to Kemptown leaving me to wait for the 26A to get me at least to Fiveways. From there I tried to call a neighbour to cross the road and ask my dad to pick me up in the car. As there was no answer I started walking. After just passing Balfour Road I saw a taxi coming down the hill towards me. I flagged him down and was relieved to see it was Mr Smith. He delivered me directly to my door, where my parents were very concerned by this time as to my where-a-bouts, and then told me there was no charge. This was probably 1960, still no phone in the house, and mobile phones still a thing of the future.

    By Sandra Bohtlingk (16/02/2018)
  • Hi Janet, the only memory I have of Kevin is when he was a babe in the pram. I was maybe 13 at the time, 1960-ish. I used to knock on Mrs Smith’s door occasionally and ask if I might take Kevin for a walk. With her permission I would then walk the pram to the top end of Rotherfield, on to Carden Hill to the garage and then turn left and circle back down Cuckmere Way and round into Hurst Hill where my house sat opposite on Rotherfield Crescent. If Kevin was still asleep I would then stop off at my house shortly and return him as he awoke.
    Weather back then still seems to hold memories of long hot summers even though we have all written about the severe winters also. At least we had contrast and four seasons back then.

    By Sandra Bohtlingk (16/02/2018)
  • Me and my family lived in Elsted Crescent for many years.

    There was mum Chris, Dad Ritchie and then three kids, John Cummings, Erika Cummings and Pauline Cummings.

    We all went to different schools, John went to Balfour and Stringer, and I went to Cardinal Newman, Pauline Margaret Hardy.

    I can remember the bakers van that came a couple of times a week. You climbed in to the ‘shop’ and my treat was always a cream donut!

    We lived near the Price family- Deirdre, Graham, Beverly and Tracey – then also Terry Morgan, Dave Pennock, The Clifts and next door to the Martin Family.

    A wonderfully free, happy and friendly place to grow up.

    By Erika Cummings (22/06/2018)
  • A message for Helena Wojtczak: Hi to you Helena, I knew all the family before they moved to Stanmer Park. I was Sylvia Avey then, from 165, Ingram Crescent, Sue was my best friend. I remember your dad, Stan, always used to give me some cooked chicken from the fridge. Please give my regards to the family and hope they are all well.

    By Sylvia Leach (14/09/2018)

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