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Devil's Dyke

Devil's Dyke
Photo by Tony Mould

Sea air and rolling hills

When you come to Brighton you are more likely to come to the centre of Brighton and go shopping or sight-seeing. So if you find it all a bit crowded, why don’t you catch a bus to Devil’s Dyke? In historic times people used to be able to catch a train, but today you can enjoy the views out of an open-top bus for the five mile journey. From the smell of the sea air to the rolling hills, Devil’s Dyke is complete with the smell of the open countryside and fragrant flowers.

See Gatwick on a clear day

During your 30 minute journey to Devil’s Dyke, 10 minutes are spent over-looking miles of the South Downs and the villages of Sussex. On a clear day you can see the planes taking off from Gatwick in the distance, and on a breezy day you can stand with the paragliders as they wait for a gust of wind to take off. Watch them glide into the distance and wonder how they do that.

Ice-cream on a summer day

If you forget your picnic then take advantage of the family restaurant, in which you can sit inside or outside. When it’s a hot summer day there’s nothing better then a refreshing ice-cream from the ice-cream van.

Take in all the natural beauty

When your belly is full, you can walk it off on one of the many nature walks that start and finish at the Dyke. It doesn’t have to be a 20 mile hike; a pleasant hour’s round trip allows you to take in all of the natural beauty which is so different from the normal tourist sites in and around Brighton.

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  • Spent many a happy day up here having a look around between 1963-1970 as I lived in Cissbury Road, Hove not far away. Still visit now and again but living up in Scotland now, but still have fond thoughts!

    By Patrick O'Hara (08/01/2012)

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