Given to town in 1930

At the northern end of Victoria Gardens stands the Mazda electric fountain, given to the town in 1930 by Thomson-Houston Ltd following an exhibition.

On 1 October 1987 it was switched on again following several years of disuse to delight passers-by with its multicoloured illuminated cycle and 35-foot jets of water.

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  • In 1930 British Thomson-Houston (BTH) was one of the companies vying to install sound systems in British cinemas. By coincidence (or not), a BTH system was inaugurated at the Duke of York’s cinema, just up the road at Preston Circus, in May 1930. If the fountain was intended as a promotional exercise, it had relatively little effect in local cinemas. The next to install BTH equipment appears to be the Odeon Kemp Town in 1934. Still, it was a generous gift to the town and good that it’s working again.

    By David Fisher (01/10/2004)
  • I remember this fountain from the end of WW2. I often wondered what it was as it was closed down during the war years. When it was allowed to be used again I was absolutely entranced by the colours and the jets of water. In my childish opinion it was much better than the fountain in Steine Gardens.

    By Maureen Sweet (07/09/2010)
  • It was in the 50s & 60s when I grew up in Brighton. This was the best fountain with all the lovely colours, the other one looks O.K in the daytime but not a patch on this one at night. I asked my dad why there were lights in the trees and he told me “It was so the birds could see their way to bed”.

    By Anne Newman (29/01/2011)

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