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The fires still burning

These photographs were taken by Trevor Chepstow, a very regular contributor to the My Brighton and Hove website.  Trevor lives in Hove and so was able to take these shots while smoke was still billowing from the pier.

After the fire
Photo by Trevor Chepstow
The smoke still billows
Photo by Trevor Chepstow

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  • I simply did not know that the Pier burnt! I lived in Brighton for 3 years in the mid 80s and I was shocked by the photos. I had so many lovely souvenirs of walks by the seaside, thinking of my family living on the other side of the sea . Thanks for all these other beautiful photos. It’s a nice way to go back to a place you loved once.

    By Claudine (08/04/2004)
  • Very sad. Makes the wonderful 2002 pictures you have on this website seem even more meaningful. Truth is, it’s a wonder it made it until 2003. What a shame they waited too long to do a proper renovation which would have utilized some of the old structure.

    By Gil (20/05/2006)

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