A photographic record of the damage

Local photographer Sean Clark was allowed unprecedented access to the West Pier and so was able to produce this very sad photographic record of its decline.


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  • Your photos are marvellous. I wonder how you came to take such wonderful images while it’s in such bad repair. I am just sending my positive vibes that this pier can stand this winter and someone can finally restore such a work of art back to its former glory. However lovely it looks right now, it’s a tragedy to see it decline. Great images. Full of passion and emotion. Captures the sadness and mystique.

    By Sonya (08/01/2003)
  • Could you please tell me when was the last time the pier was open to the public? I was down in Brighton last October (2006) and took some photos – it is so sad to see it the way it is now.

    By Diana (20/01/2007)
  • I have just read an article which stated that the owners wanted to demolish part of the pier in 1970, but the pier was actually closed to the public in 1975.

    By Tara (22/01/2007)

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