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Built in 1937 following slum clearance

This photographic print was made by the Borough Surveyor’s department. It shows Brighton Municipal Market in Circus Street. The company names T. Roll, W. Grant Currie Ltd and Goodhew are visible.

This market was built in 1937 following a clearance of the slum housing in this area. Although it was hit by a bomb in 1943, the market survived. A fish market was added to the building in 1960.

Brighton Municipal Market
Reproduced courtesy of Royal Pavilion, Libraries & Museums, Brighton & Hove

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  • On the far corner was a wholesaler for 30 odd years named Hales and Dancy, and my Mum was housekeeper to Mr and Mrs Dancy who lived at 80 Woodland Drive, Hove.

    By Jenny Shaw (12/08/2012)

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