A secluded and peaceful place

The bowling green and a bench which overlooks it.

Despite the ever-present noise of traffic from the Dyke Road, as I live nearby I often come here to relax. I have spent many hours on the bench overlooking the secluded bowling green (see pics) reading, sunsoaking, or just watching the bowlers. There are lovely Edwardian gardens, well-tended flowerbeds and a few good trees.

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  • I can remember when the bottom part of the park was all allotments and we used to go onto the playing fields to get mushrooms.

    By G.White (14/06/2009)
  • I don’t think these are Edwardian gardens as they were laid out in 1924 and opened in 1925. They have altered very little since the 1940s. The chalet once had a thatched roof that was re- thatched in 1954 and when it came to renew it again they tiled it. During and after the war, the big field at the back was turned in to allotments and was ploughed up and returned to grass in ’51/5. There were 4 full-time gardeners there then and they kept it pristine; the rose garden then was full of roses not like it is now, the fountain worked with water coming from a bronze lion’s head on the wall going in to an upper dish that flowed over into the half circle brick built base, its all been left to go downhill now, sadly.   

    By Terry Hyde (06/02/2017)

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