Preston Park Rockery

Preston Park Rockery/Rookery
Photo by Tony Mould
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A must for flora fans

If you are a fan of flora, then heading to the Rookery or Rockery (the names are interchangeable)  on Preston Road is a must. It is not ideal or even passable for families with pushchairs, but if you have a baby carrier or kids who are old enough to run around, then it is worth visiting to explore the many pathways, nooks and crannies on offer.

Many interesting features

There are water features, bridges, benches (it’s a small place, but you’ll need them) and more plants than a botanist’s basement. The pond at the front of the Rookery is home to some very friendly fish and a turtle who only appears every hundred years or so. Preston Park is across the road if you’re in need of refreshments, or alternatively there are some nice pubs further down Preston Road.

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  • Many hours spent here exploring as a child with my Mum and sister. There were some enormous Carp in the lake. I seem to remember the building had a thatched roof back in the 50s.

    By Alan Spicer (13/06/2011)
  • The building did indeed have a thatched roof, until the 1990’s I believe – possibly a bit later. Unfortunately some of the more moronic elements of our society thought it was great fun to set light to it each time it was replaced, until eventually the Council decide to tile the roof.

    By Alan Phillips (19/12/2011)
  • We visited here often with our grandfather. He told us that the thatched cottage was Snow White’s house (he didn’t explain why the toilets were there!) and the little green doors were the entrance to the Seven Dwarfs’ mine. You could hear their machinery working (actually the pump for the waterfalls)! It was a lovely place. We also spent a lot of time in Preston Park as we lived a short walk away.

    By Helen Holmes (29/12/2012)
  • I loved the rockery as a kid – it seemed so huge at the time. Going to spend my 49th birthday in Brighton in June, taking my own kids to see the places I loved, of which this is top of the list.

    By Andy Harris (18/05/2016)
  • Visited in the 1950’s as a little nipper with my mum and dad from Hove. Always remember the tranquility, even at that age. Have very pleasant memories of it, hope it’s still maintained. Will visit next time in Brighton to show my wife.

    By Greg Page (01/10/2016)
  • We saw two turtles on a huge leaf at the pond yesterday!

    By Pam Waite (28/07/2017)

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