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Programme from a carnival in 1888

This is a copy of a program for the Preston Park Carnival held at Omaha Villa, Clermont Road, Preston on 7th November 1888.

As it is rather difficult to read, a transcript of the program follows:

Samuel Thos. FOAT, Esq., late Guardian of the Poor of Brighton, Director of two of the leading Terminating Building Societies. Mark Master Mason – Mayor Elect of Preston Park

Councillor A.R. FARR, Chairman of the Finance Committee, Guardian of the Poor, Trustee of Shoreham Harbour – Worthing Mayor Elect

Councillor R.C. COX, late Her Majesty’s Vice Consul at Key West, Florida, U.S. America, Proprietor of the Brightonian, Manager of a local institution – An inventor of a Patent Pill and Phosfer Booze

Alfred NEWINGTON, Esq., Horticultural Hosier – A Worthing Alderman.

Lady Patronesses
Mesdames S.T. FOAT, Councillor A.R. FARR, Councillor R.C. COX, NEWINGTON, W.E. NASH, and H.F.M. COLE.

Misses F.A. FOAT, L.A. FARR, B.A. FOAT, C.M. NASH, M.E. NEWINGTON, Birdie COLE, Matilda STAPLES, Edith ERREDGE, and Mabel STAPLES.

Masters S.T. FOAT, Arthur Ernest NASH, Guy NEWINGTON, Alfred NEWINGTON, R.C. COX, Arthur COX, Homersham COX, Willie STAPLES, Bertie STAPLES, and Robert ERREDGE.

Secretaries, Managers, and Treasurers


Songs and Recitations
Song……………Mr. Councillor FARR
Song……………S.T. FOAT, Esq.
Recitation……..R.C. COX, Esq.
Song……………A. NEWINGTON, Esq.
Recitation……..G.C. FARR, Junr.
Song……………W.E. NASH
Piano Solo…….Miss FOAT
Song……………Mrs. COLE
Piano Solo…….Miss FARR
Song……………Mrs. M.E. NEWINGTON
Piano Solo…….Mrs. H.F.M. COLE
Recitation……..Mrs. NASH
Song……………Mrs. R.C. COX
Pianists…(For this occasion only – by special desire)… Mrs. H.F.M. COLE.

Programme of the Firework Display
Fireworks will commence at 5.45 punctually.
The display, which has been supplied by Messrs. C.& T. Brock, the Crystal Palace Pyrotechnists, will consist of over 500 pieces, and be opened by Chinese Crackers containing 80 reports each;
Sky Rockets with bright stars ascending to a height of over 100 feet;
Bouquets of Chinese Jerbs and Trees;
Splendid Cascades of Golden Rains, Blue Devils, and Squibs-forming a picturesque Niagara;
Roman Candles, Bright Stars, and Coloured Balls, accompanied by showers of Crackers;
Revolving Centre Pieces emitting coloured fires, bright stars, and concluding with terrific reports;
A swarm of Grasshoppers;
Italian Streamers emitting volumes of fire and myriads of fire-forming a sweeping scythe;
Chinese Flyers;
Golden Fountains, a perfect storm of fire, a la Reine d’Or;
Triangular, Italian, and Chinese Set Pieces;
Pyramids of Roman Candles;
Explosive Mines, Jacks-in-the-Boxes, Devils-among-the-Tailors, Bengal Lights, Coloured Fires, &c., &c.;
To be conculded with the brilliant display of Set Pieces, Explsions, and Flight of Aerial Rockets emitting coloured balls!
The whole of the picturesque grounds will be studded with Chinese Lanterns, unique Transparencies apropos of the occasion, Banners, Shields, and Flags of all Nationalities.

The front and back page
From a private collection
The inside pages
From a private collection

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  • I was amazed to find this page about the fireworks in Preston Park. I am the owner of Brighton Fireworks Ltd and have a shop just a stone’s throw away from Preston Park. I would love to have a copy of the program to put up in my shop for the interest of my customers. As 2005 is the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot how interesting it would be to add a little history to this year’s celebrations.

    By Mike Sansom (13/02/2005)

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