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Preston Park Cycle Track

Preston Park Cycle Track
Photo by Tony Mould

No bike as a kid

Mum never let me have a bike as a kid, the roads being too dangerous. I had one briefly when I was exploring Brighton’s streets for ‘The Encyclopaedia of Brighton’, but it was the wrong size and I never got on with it.

Doing the ‘green’ thing

Then, in 2007, my wife was asked by a work colleague if she knew anyone who might be interested in an unwanted mountain bike. I took up the offer because I wanted to do the ‘green’ (and convenient) thing – but as a beginner I was scared of taking it onto the busy roads.

Practising in Preston Park

So I started practising around the cycle track in Preston Park. I got used to the balance, gears and brakes, then moved on to hand-signals and looking behind. Taking it steadily and methodically paid off. My first ride down to the seafront was a revelation; a trip along the old railway to Devil’s Dyke amazing!

Cycling has many benefits

I bought a new bike as the original was really too small. It’s now my main transport and a source of recreation and enjoyment – it’s my pride and joy. Cycling is environmentally friendly, convenient, cheap, and helps keep me fit. But as a car driver also, I know I need to be seen clearly on my bike. I signal my intentions and I follow the Highway Code. I’m no longer afraid of being amongst traffic.

And it all started on the cycle track

We’ve now been on cycling holidays and are looking forward to more – and all because of Preston Park’s cycle track.


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  • In my youth I became the St John’s Ambulance cadet, spent ages passing all the exams and one of my first jobs was at the track. On the very first day I was unfortunate enough to witness a very nasty multiple accident and had to help deal with it. It was then that I realised that the St Johns would be better off without me, so I left.

    By Roy Grant (06/05/2010)

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