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Your editor for Queen’s Park is Andrew Bradstreet. If you’ve got any queries about this area, or can add any information, photos or memories, please send My Brighton and Hove a message via the Comments form at the bottom of this page.

Hello! I’m Brighton born and bred and I have lived in this part of Brighton for the last ten years

Here you will find the answers to the following questions:

– Who was the ‘King of Brighton’ who lived in the Park?
– Where could you go roller-skating in the 1870s?
– Who tried to keep two pregnant mistresses in his villa?
– What were military vehicles doing in the lake?
– Who got so fed up with being asked the time he bought the Park a clock?
– Why was over a thousand dog messes flagged?
– Where is the stone rat?

Comments about this page

  • Was surfing the Bradstreet name and up popped your website. You are in the west of England; a place of considerable folklore? Retired in Florida and working on the family tree.

    By James Andrew Bradstreet (23/01/2005)
  • I am very interested in hearing more about George Duddell as he was my Great Grandfather and I know so little about him.

    By Patsy White (nee Minza) (01/04/2006)
  • I would like to know why these two terraces stand out on their own. Did it used to be terraces all the way up the hill where Amex and Tyson Place are now? Were many houses destroyed by the German bomber in WWII? Tyson Place – when was that massive block built?

    By Sarah (22/04/2006)
  • I am a grandaughter of George Duddell Minza, 1898-1967. George D Minza was the grandson of George Duddell. Any more family information would be of great interest.

    By Alice Minza Clark (17/07/2006)
  • Found the history of Queens Park on this site most interesting, as my grandfather was brought up there when it was owned by George Duddell. See message board.

    By David Griffith (24/07/2006)
  • I am a great, great granddaughter of George Duddell. How can I contact relatives who have posted messages on this site to exchange information about our family history?

    By Tess Ramseyer (07/03/2009)
  • I was wondering if any one knows when the council estate between Freshfield and Pankhurst Avenue was built? In particular Firle Road, I am thinking before 1928?  Many thanks.

    By Hayley (24/07/2009)
  • I’m tracing my family history and noted with interest the link with George Duddell through his son, George Duddell Minza. Does anyone have any further information regarding his mother’s background?

    By Nicola Passi (nee Minza) (17/02/2011)
  • I am also tracing family history. George Duddell Minza was my great great grandfather. How do I contact others who have posted comments here? My line goes G D Minza, Annie Duddell (Minza) Metcalfe 1868 who was born in England but came out to Australia. 

    By Ian Penrose (14/09/2014)

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