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Coldean will always be home

42 Park Road, Coldean.
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Very fond memories

I lived at 42 Park Road until I was 18 years old. My Mum lived at 39 Park Road all her childhood, until she married and moved a few doors up the road. I have very fond memories of Coldean School. I especially remember being the girl chosen in 1977 to plant a tree in The Level for the Silver Jubilee. The teachers in both Infant and Junior schools were absolutely fantastic. I remember Miss Williamson and then there was Mr Stone, who taught us to play shinty at St Joseph’s when our school roof fell in. There was Mrs Berriman, Mrs Drake, and Mrs Cheeseman; many teachers who helped us become who we are today.

Do you have any Coldean memories. If you can share them with us, please leave a comment below.

My best friends

My best friend Gill Turner from Walton Bank, once sewed the placemat she was stitching to her skirt. I also remember her breaking her love bead necklace in assembly; we were laughing so much we were sent outside to calm down. I remember my other best friend, Victoria Haden, accompanying me to church regularly so I could be confirmed. I have fond memories of dancing classes in the church hall; being in the brownies and then guides. And of course there was the library; that was one of my favourite places. I have so many happy memories of Coldean; it was a superb place to grow up. I now live in Dubai, but Coldean, will always be home.

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  • I agree about Coldean always feeling like home.  I lived at 24 Middleton Rise from 1957 to 1974, returned briefly a few times over the next five years, then moved away permanently, living in North Devon for the last 25 years.  Occasionally when I return to Brighton I drive up Coldean Lane or through the estate just for a few memories, though I gather that much of the estate is now student accommodation.

    By John Wilkin (23/09/2014)
  • Another who moved away from Coldean (but still in Brighton) who considers Coldean still to be ‘home’. Many happy memories, many good friends.

    By Ken Valder (27/09/2014)
  • Hello Darren, I am sorry but we are no longer permitted to publish requests for people’s whereabouts for data protection reasons. I hope that you are able to locate news about your teacher from Coldean school. Best wishes, Editing Team.

    By Darren Glover (05/11/2014)
  • Hi Darren I lived at 3 Ashurst road and went to Coldean school, do you remember me, Steve and Karen?

    Is there anyone else who remembers us? 

    By Sandy (Sandra) Leaney (26/04/2016)
  • I lived at 63, just up the road from you, and was friends with Lisa Plowman.

    By Seana (28/09/2021)
  • I went to Coldean infant and middle until 1979.
    My best friends were Gina Hebran and Alison Thompson who lived on the left past the shops in park road and Gina lived just down from the shops in park road. I believe Tina’s mum still lives there
    I lived in Stanmer village what a wonderful place to live, best childhood ever.

    By Alison Jordan (nee Stanley) (01/10/2023)
  • Does anyone know if Coldean School has school photo archives or kids records trying to find info on myself from the school I left 1979.

    By Alison jordan (nee Stanley) (02/10/2023)

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