Chipperfield's Circus

In addition to Billy Smart’s Circus, Chipperfields came to the Level in 1956. I well remember being taken; I remember the distinctive smell of the sawdust and the animals. I still have the programme for that year and reproduce extracts here.The acts are a far cry from today. I used to love the lions and tigers but, having seen big cats, elephants and other animals in the wild, I now appreciate where they should really be.

A piece of social history
The programme represents part of a social history that has gone but perhaps that is fairer to many of the animals involved. The advertisements are interesting but I have left out one for cigarettes because there is no health warning. I am sure the Wagon Wheels got smaller and smaller.

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  • I remember the circus coming to the Level. I thought it was briliant, I’d never seen animals so close up before. I think they should be in the wild, but when we were kids, we didn’t know any different. It was just lovely to see them.

    By Maralyn Eden (02/03/2009)

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