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Photos: then and now

34 Guildford Street

Battle of Trafalgar
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre
Battle of Trafalgar, 2004
Photo by Mike Snewin

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  • The greatest pub in the world when Ian and Val were running it – they were great people, friendly, warm and kind. I have fond meories of their pet dog called Storm. He was crazy but adorable!

    By Christopher Wyer (10/11/2008)
  • Great pub, used to meet some of the local car dealers on a Saturday for a few pints, game of cards and general chat. This was around 1971, I remember Larry Strip, Kenny Thew and his brother Gordon. Happy days.

    By Alan Spicer (25/01/2013)
  • My parents used to sit in the back yard with my younger brother and I during the Second World War and tip a pint or two during quiet times. I was born here in 1943 and have returned a few times, planning to again in October 2013!

    By Stewart J. Webb (17/07/2013)

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