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The Black Lion pub

“This is the Black Lion pub which we couldn’t help but notice from the window of Food for Friends restaurant. We were intrigued by the architecture of the place, the stonework in the bottom section especially, with the tiles up on the top. Just the whole texture of the building really impressed us. We noticed lots of characterful taverns and pubs around Brighton. This one was of particular appeal.”

Did you know?
The Black Lion pub looks ancient, but is in fact a reconstruction of part of one of the oldest brewery buildings in the world. Find out more.

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  • Was this not the Deryk Carver at one point? I’m thinking,’75 ish. The premises had a complete refurb, I seem to remember it wasn’t as popular as the people behind it would have liked? I could be wrong.

    By Chris Henman (07/02/2018)

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