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Photos: then and now

Photograph of the City of Hereford
Photo from a private collection
Photograph of the City of Hereford pub demolished
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre
Photograph of where the City of Hereford used to be
Photo by Sue Craig

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  • The City of Hereford was situated where that area of green is, so there was really no need to have demolished it, it could have been saved – there was plenty of room. As for pubs having their names changed – there should be a law against it. Geoff Wells,

    By Geoff Wells (former drinker at many a lost, old and, in some cases historical, Brighton boozers) (01/05/2006)
  • Geoff , I entirely agree and The City of Hereford would have made an excellent community pub for the inhabitents of the ugly flats that were put up along that side of the road. Too many solidly built, and popular, Brighton pubs have been lost to ham fisted redevelopments like this to say nothing of the many corner locals that have been gentrified with a new name and turned into expensive “theme pubs”, bistros or wine bars. I am dismayed every time I am back in Brighton and increasingly hard put to find a decent local with a good pint.

    By Adrian Baron (05/02/2007)
  • I remember my dad using the City when I was about 6. I think Mr Lux was the landlord. My dad was Bill White, also know as Jumbo. Ring any bells?

    By Barbara Barlow (22/07/2012)
  • I and some friends used to drink here in 1970 and 1971, when we were about 14. A pint was about 10 pence. My mate’s nan lived in Essex Street round the corner. I was the first person through the door on its final evening, I think it was a Wednesday night, either 18th or 25th August 1971. There was a bar called the “Little Bar” with a painted wooden sign, and I now have the actual sign on my summer house door, having taken it and kept it for over 40 years.

    By Steve (11/09/2012)
  • I have a photo taken outside the City of Hereford which my mother thinks may be dated 1940-50. I lived in Hereford Street. If anyone would like a copy please email me:

    By Steve Humphrey (26/01/2013)
  • When I worked at the AA offices across the road from this pub in the 60s I remember seeing a motorbike embedded in its wall after a terrible crash in which a young guy died. It left a lasting memory on me that morning which I have never forgotten.

    By Jan (13/08/2013)
  • My dad played darts in the City of Hereford – his name was Ron Stacey. He won the Captains and Landlord cup in 1972 and got a tankard for it (which I still have). Unfortunately he passed away on 8/4/2014. I still live in Hereford street. I can remember going downstairs to the pub from the Upper Bedford Street end and in on the level from the St James’s street door. 

    By Paul Stacey (17/06/2014)
  • I also lived in Hereford street. it had a lot of very special memories for me, people that meant a great deal to me once and still do. A very special time in my life.

    By Lisa Burton (04/01/2015)

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