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218 Dyke Road

Dyke Road Tavern
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre
Dyke Road Tavern, 2004
Photo by Mike Snewin

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  • During the war I used to go home from StanfordRoadSchool this way. We used to go up Port Hall Road, through to Dyke Road Park and do a little scrumping for apples and then out by the paper shop that was by the garage, past the sweet shop and then past the tavern. One day, that fateful day when the viaduct was bombed, my brothers and I were rather slow in getting home, the pips had gone and dad was out looking for us eventually he found us just as we were outside the Dyke Road Tavern. We could hear the bombers and dad took me in one hand my brother Euan in the other, pushed open the door of the pub and literally threw us both behind the counter. That was the first time my father had been in any kind of pub. Quite a moment. Best wishes from Canada

    By Diana Anstead (nee bowyer) (09/03/2008)
  • In the mid “1960” when I worked at Caffyns of Dyke Road, I used the pub on Friday dinner times to play darts. At Chrsitmas time ,all the lads came for a drink or two before going home (Good old days).

    By Chris Nettley (02/11/2009)
  • I walked past last week and this place has now re-opened following refurbishment. I used to live just around the corner and in summer used to enjoy a drink in the garden. Come to think of it, I’ll check it out over the weekend.

    By Ken Adams (14/07/2010)
  • I lived almost opposite on the corner of Upper Drive/Dyke Road. It was a big old pub and I wonder how all these huge pubs survived?

    By Maggie/Margaret Kirby nee Turner (09/05/2013)
  • I too used to be at Stanford Rd in the 1950s; we lived below the railway in Dyke Rd Drive and if we went as a family to Dyke Rd Park mum and dad would go in the Dyke Rd Tavern for a Mackeson and a Guiness. I sat on the step in the porchway with a glass of Hooper Struve’s lemonade and a packet of Smith’s Crisps. I can clearly remember one summer evening that the door to the saloon was open and I could see wicker furniture, potted palms and an elderly lady with a Pekinese dog. Very old time stylish! That was well over 50 years ago but I can picture it like yesterday. (Whatever has happened to Pekinese dogs? I never see one these days…)

    By Geoffrey Mead (12/05/2013)

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