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Formerly known as the Volunteer, the Mash Tun stands on New Road.

The Volunteer then
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre
The Mash Tun pub 2004 - yet another example of so-called progress but surely they could have chosen a more sympathetic colour, eh?
Photo by Mike Snewin

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  • Thanks to the contributions made by Mike Snewin, we can see the changes these places have had. Nice photos!

    By Fabiana (10/12/2004)
  • Still a great little pub. Fond memories of it as the Vollie.

    By Darren (27/06/2005)
  • What a shame so many pubs have gone and changed their names. Getting on in years I feel that all pubs are now geared to the youngsters.

    By Anthony Lock (27/06/2005)
  • The name Volunteer was given as this pub was opposite the barracks that lay behind the King & Queen in the land opposite now under the swimming pool. The entrance to the latter in North Road still has Barracks Yard as the address.

    By Geoffrey Mead (27/02/2006)
  • Has anybody recognised themselves on this photograph. What year was it taken?

    By Peter Shayling (29/12/2007)
  • My great uncle was killed after being married only three weeks to Beatrice. She became the landlady of the Volunteer and I remember visiting it when I was quite young with my father. Just starting to do my family tree brought back the memories. She was Beatrice Coleman but became Mrs Colwell.

    By Deirdre Sharpe (13/02/2008)
  • That looks like Jan and Dave on the right and I think the picture must have been taken mid to late ’70s. They were landlord and lady circa 1979 when, as an art student, I worked there for a bit of extra cash, serving up the pub meals. It was an extremely well-run pub as I recall: very clean, good food and J and D were lovely people. Where are they now?

    By Jan (25/05/2008)
  • Does anybody know the history of The Volunteer? I believe that it was run by ancestors of mine in the late 1800s/early 1900s and I would really love to hear of any information about the place

    By Keely Boxell (16/07/2008)
  • It is indeed Jan and Dave Goodchild on the right, along with Bob(?) customs officer and full-time drinker at the Volly. Jan and Dave moved to London, where during the 90s they had a pub near Covent Garden, but I heard Dave had to retire on medical grounds after being assaulted. Lovely couple indeed, and very tolerant of our motley group of teenagers who drank there in the late 70s – although we did put a lot of money over the bar! Just surprised I’m not in the picture…

    By Mick Allen (29/09/2008)
  • One of my favourite haunts from the mid 80s, until Jan and Dave moved on. I had long chats with Dave about The Pixies (he was a massive fan, but you wouldn’t have know it), and he gave me a Squeeze tape (their first album). My mates and me used to use this every Friday and Saturday night. Even bumped into Captain Sensible in there once or twice. Dave looked after us, and both he and Jan were always good company. We never got rowdy, and always said goodnight at closing time. A brilliant pub, well run and respected with the locals. Just not the same now…

    By Darren Stuart (28/09/2010)
  • I found this article interesting as I have been for two years photographing pub signs, mainly in London. I have noticed a hell of a lot of pubs closing in the last few years. The Government seem hell bent on encouraging the loss of the people’s culture. The heavy tax on the pint doesn’t help and should be ditched. Saw the sign for the Volunteer in the Wagon and Horses, googled Volunteer and found this page, love the comments about Captain Sensible etc. I particularly like the pub sign because there’s a subtle political message here. Think twice before joining the army, near by; its not all adventure and heroics, you could end up limbless or dead. It ranks quite high with the pub sign they removed from a pub in East London which showed a policeman manhandle a suffragette. It was replaced with a motto that beared no resemblance to historical significance of the area, Pankhurst lived just round the corner. Pubs are our heritage, remove all taxes on pints, save our pubs.

    By Stephen Thorpe (22/08/2012)
  • Can anybody point me towards any other photos of Dave Goodchild at the volunteer or elsewhere? Or Does anybody know where Dave resides now? would love to know what he’s up to now.

    By Gareth Cail (09/04/2013)
  • I believe the landlords Jan and Dave Goodchild moved to the Nell of Old Drury, Covent Garden in London when they left the Volunteer. This was a long time ago though – no idea if they are still there. I was in touch with them for a while but it lapsed, sad to say. I drank in the Volunteer mid ’80s through to when it changed to The Mash Tun and became too trendy for me. I once attempted to buy the old Volunteer pub sign – the chap from the Coach and Horses opposite had bought it and it was behind the bar but he wouldn’t sell it. The Volunteer was known as the ‘4th studio’ at Radio Sussex as we all drank in there. If you wanted to find someone – the manager, someone from the newsroom or a producer – they would probably be in The Volunteer. Good boozer, good times, good memories.

    By Mike Bradshaw (16/07/2016)
  • Still look back on the good times I had in there with Dave and Jan.  Very sweet people, always willing to talk to me, even if I was on my own.  I use the Mash Tun on very odd occasions.  But I’ve always preferred quieter pubs, where you can talk without having to shout over music blaring out.  This, and the Windsor Tavern, were my two favourite pubs during my 20’s.  Sad that both changed hands.  But things have to move on, don’t they?

    By Darren Stuart (14/04/2018)
  • I remember Mike and Marjory Patrick running this pub in the early 60s. A busy, friendly place.

    By Jan Hardware (20/04/2018)

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