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Photos: then and now

Regency Tavern: Then
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre
Regency Tavern: Now
Mike Snewin

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  • Of those of us who were lucky enough to have known her, who can forget Jacqui Penfold, the kind and generous landlady of the Regency who died so tragically in 1990? What a great character. They don’t make them like that any more.

    By Stuart Chatfield (10/03/2005)
  • I used to go in this pub in the late fifties/early sixties. What a great place to have a drink. I used to play shovehalfpenny (I hope I have spelt that right). That was a real game of skill.

    By Anthony Lock (27/06/2005)
  • Interested to see the site. Worked there in approximately 1966 and it was, I remember, the first pub in Brighton to have drag!

    By Alan Davidson (03/01/2006)
  • At one time I had a Saturday job working for M&S in Western Road. When we had to go over to Cannon Place to round up the abandoned trolleys from the car parks, the Regency made for a nice stopping off point for a much needed midday swift half. Nobody seemed to mind sweaty lads in M&S uniforms drinking amongst some very ‘exotic’ clientele!

    By Geoffrey Mead (27/02/2006)
  • The Regency was run in the 1890s by Henry William Edlin and after his death in 1892, by his wife Emily until 1902. This family ran a chain of pubs in Brighton into the 1930s.

    By David Wilson (07/05/2008)

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