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Photos: then and now

Guildford Street

Sussex Yeoman
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre
SussexYeoman, Guildford Street, 2004
Photo by Mike Snewin

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  • Can anyone tell me anything about the black and white ‘then’ photograph? My guess is that it’s the mid-1970s by the splendid fashions but what caught my eye was the smiling, fair-haired gent with the moustache, bomber jacket, platforms and flairs, strolling out of the pub: this looks exactly like my friend Nick Waller, formerly of Havelock Road and son of master builder Harry Waller.  Nick (now living in Wales) was a gregarious and regular frequenter of backstreet Brighton pubs and around this period was living in a flat in a building on the highest point of Terminus Road, near to the junction with Clifton Street, which isn’t far from Guildford Steet. If it isn’t him in the picture then it ought to be!

    By Adrian Baron (01/02/2007)
  • My old friend Nick Waller has confirmed that this is him strolling out of the Sussex Yeoman some time in the mid to late 1970s , probably when he used to live in a flat in Buckingham Place (not Terminus Road, but nearby). Behind him is Pete Baker who lived somewhere near the south end of Montpelier Road and Nick thinks that behind Pete could be Ken Skinner who still lives in Brighton and later had a newsagents on the eastern side of Beaconsfield Road just north of the viaduct. We now seem to know the cast of characters but can anyone please tell me who took the picture (or perhaps who donated it) as well as when and why it was taken? I would love to follow this up as the chances of a picture of a backstreet Brighton pub also accidentally being a picture of three buddies from the 1970s must be staggeringly high and has brought back memories of some happy days.

    By Adrian Baron (05/02/2007)
  • I am still hoping for some clues as to who took the 1970s picture, as well as when and why, but in the meantime I have to compliment the new owners of the Sussex Yeoman as it looks in better condition now than it did in the 70s. It’s good to know that there are good, honest corner pubs surviving in Brighton. I’ll drop in on my next visit.

    By Adrian Baron (14/02/2007)
  • Ah, the pub that I bought my first ever pint in! I was 17 and nervously scurried in and bought a pint of lager. Born and bred in Brighton but haven’t been back in years; how I miss it…

    By Kevin Latch (26/06/2007)
  • My father in-law used to frequent the pub which in the 1960/70s was known as the Northern, it is currently known as the Hob Goblin. For his upcoming 60th I would really like to frame a picture of the Northern back when it was called the Northern. Does anyone have a photo that I could gain a print from? I hope someone can help.

    By Ross Moerel (01/04/2011)
  • Yes – that’s me in the photo! I don’t remember who took the picture or why! Would be interesting to hear from Adrian, Ken or Nick.

    By Pete Baker (05/02/2012)
  • Yep that’s me in the doorway (Ken Skinner)!  That only goes to show you can’t go for a quiet pint anywhere!

    By Ken Skinner (06/02/2012)
  • Used to go here often back in the days when it was the “sausage and mash pub”. One of the best back then. Always remember the Yorkshire Puddings nailed to the wall (seriously).

    By Iain Read (14/11/2014)
  • My aunt and uncle, Sue and Bob Schultz owned this pub in the sixties and into the early 70s. It had a public bar with darts and shove ha’penny and a small jukebox. There was a piano in the saloon bar and a small snug that separated the two bars. When I stayed there as a child I loved listening to the sing songs around the piano on Friday and Saturday nights.

    By Lisa Munyan (14/05/2016)
  • After a busy guided tour of the West Hill area a couple of weeks ago I was in need of a pint so popped into this pub, which I hadn’t been in for years…oh dear…’gastro-pub’ or what. The whole place was a restaurant with a couple of bar stools. After an interminable wait when I nearly just got up and walked out (should have)I was eventually noticed and asked if I had booked for Sunday lunch, I said I only wanted a pint. It was pretty obvious that the use of this pub as a boozer (especially on a Sunday) is way down the list. I will not be going back.

    By Geoffrey Mead (15/05/2016)
  • Although, to be fair, Geoff, there are few pubs today that can actually make a profit on selling beer alone – food provision is now the primary income stream. Regards, Andy

    By Andy Grant (16/05/2016)

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