Situated in Station Road Portslade in the 1960s

North Street Portslade
Reproduced from Francis Frith postcard

Lots of lovely dishes

Does anyone remember a small cafe that was in Station Road, Portslade? It was quite near the corner of North Street. I think it was two or three shops down from the corner, going towards the sea. I worked there for a short while in one of the school holidays, in the early 1960s. It was run by a couple who had two boys, younger than me. It was an excellent cafe: there would be a choice of hot meals – casseroles, braised liver and lots of other lovely dishes. They were all freshly cooked in the oven every day. There was no stinting on the quality or the quantity. I remember that once I was told by the owner I had not put enough butter on a customer’s toast one day!

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Always jam packed at lunch time

The kitchen was kept spotlessly clean and the oven scrubbed out every afternoon after the lunch-rush was over. The place was always jammed full at lunchtimes. I was supposed to be the waitress but I was pretty hopeless and much too slow. Some people just asked for their “usual” and I was too shy to ask what that was. I gave in my notice because I just could not cope and felt totally inadequate – but the owners were really nice, hard-working people.

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  • Yes I remember it, it was called Dells or the Cabin. I spent a fair bit of time there in the sixties.

    By Eddie Mccabe (06/08/2014)
  • Yes Eddie it was called Dells. I think the owners name was George, I have a few pictures taken outside the cafe with friends. Perhaps we knew each other as it was pretty small. I remember the juke box and the football table a crowd of us went there all the time. A few names I remember Bruce Townsend, Brenda Cooper, the Burtenshaws. Good days great memories. Sandy Taylor nee Goldsmith.

    By Sandy Goldsmith (24/08/2014)
  • Yes you are right Eddie, it was Dell’s cafe, I remember Sandy also, I do hope you are both well. Bruce. 

    By Bruce Townsend. (27/08/2014)
  • Gosh Bruce, how are you? I live in the West Country now but I have never forgotten those days of Dells cafe and the tin hut. Such innocent times, such wonderful memories. I hope that you and your family are well. With all best wishes, Sandy.

    By Sandy Taylor (17/01/2015)
  • Hi Sandy, great to hear you are well. Me and mine are all well. Yes, like you, as I get older my mind often drifts back to those old days and I wonder how many of us are still around. I have just heard that Angie and Little Bert have just passed on, So,so sad. All the best Sandy, God Bless. Bruce. 

    By Bruce Townsend (07/08/2015)
  • Are you Bruce Townsend of “Bruce and the Spiders” fame?

    By Roger Dale (09/08/2015)
  • I am sorry Roger, I can not answer that as I don’t know you that well. If I knew why you were asking it may be different  Sorry.          

    By Bruce T ownsend (11/08/2015)

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