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Do you remember it?

The old photograph of the Golden Girl Restaurant in Manchester Street was taken sometime in the 1950s.

Did you ever eat there? What was the food like? If you can share your memories with us, please leave a comment below.

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Golden Girl Restaurant

The location photographed in 2014

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  • My cousin Steff Michael and his wife Gloria, sadly no longer with us, owned and operated the Golden Girl restaurant in the sixties through to the eighties. My father, Costas Stefani would occasionally help out with the cooking in the sweltering basement kitchen. Steff still lives in Brighton and I will get more information but I believe the menu would have ranged from egg or fried fish and chips to steaks and  more adventurous dishes (in those days) such as spaghetti bolognese and chicken pilaf.

    My parents owned the Jesmond Restaurant in West Street, opposite St Paul’s Church, from 1959-1969. Does anyone have memories of that? When my parents sold the restaurant it became a Wimpy Bar for a while. 

    By Diane Hughes (29/08/2015)
  • Hello Dianne, I remember the Christmas parties your Mum & Dad used to throw at the Jesmond. So much fun and such happy times. Have been back a few times to Brighton ans it has changed so much. How is your Mum Thelma? Please send her best from all of us “Downunder”. Regards, Pete

    By Peter Wood (30/08/2015)
  • Yes, I used to eat in the Golden Girl regularly between 1965 and 1968 when I was a student at the University of Sussex. Being a student, I regarded the Golden Girl as a real treat, as I usually ate in much cheaper places. I specially remember it for the Spag bol: I can see it in my mind’s eye right now. In those days, it was still a quite exotic dish so the Golden Girl was special. Many thanks to anyone who worked there for providing a lovely place. Wish it was still there. Today I’m on my first visit to Brighton for many decades and searched for the GG online but sadly found it long gone.

    By A Anderson (04/07/2016)
  • Hi Diane. My mother Joan Vickers (later Hannan) was a good friend of Costas and Thelma. I have photos from 1961of my mother and father, Graham, with Costas and Thelma in Brighton.We lived in Australia but Mum moved back to UK after Dad died and spent her last years in Eastbourne.

    By Patrick Hannan (14/06/2017)
  • Like Peter I was a regular visitor to the Golden Girl when I was a student at the University of Sussex between 1973 and 1976.  I think the last time I was there was sometime in the mid 80s and Gloria was still there.  The food was very good and great value.

    By Stephen Brennan (16/12/2017)
  • Yes, I remember the Golden Girl Cafe very well. In the late 1960s when I stayed at the former Nash’s Hotel (31/32 Marine Parade) I always went to the Golden Girl after the pubs shut at night for supper. The best value and largest portions of any eaterie in Brighton. Hope it’s still as good today. John P. Graham, Hampstead Village, London. NW3.

    By John Graham (09/02/2018)
  • Brilliant grub and value -  the mixed grill was massive. Yum yum! 

    By Gary Shortman (10/02/2018)
  • Hello there. Wonderful to see so many comments of folks who’ve eaten at the Golden Girl. I’ve discovered this cafe after re-watching an old video clip from my favourite band (a Japanese rock band called ‘The Pillows’). Here’s a link to the video beginning where one of the band members wanders past the Golden Girl in Manchester street. - I believe this clip would have been filmed in late 1991 or very early 92. At about 2:55 you can get a pretty clear view of the front of the restaurant. In fact the signs show cafe and restaurant. Hopefully some of you here find this interesting.

    By Thomas-James Kalogianis (13/03/2018)
  • My wife Alison and I went there for an Engagement meal in May 1981. I can’t remember what we had.

    By John Leach (15/03/2018)
  • We were working in the tunnel under the beach and this was the place we ate at regular. Sorry to see it is no more. Brings back memories

    By Jim (28/05/2019)
  • I used to come to Brighton for the day on the Southdown coach from Streatham in the 60s. We always had tea here before going home…my parents always had fish and chips and I always had apple pie and cream. Was in Brighton last week and couldn’t remember the name of it. What a great page this is…thank you!

    By Anne Griffith (03/11/2019)
  • My mother and I went a few times when on holidays in the 80’s. The food was good old fashioned cooking at its best.

    By Tom Clement (20/03/2020)
  • I worked there for 28 years from 1978 -2004.
    Great times,lovely regular customers.Stef and Gloria my in-laws.

    By Veronica Michael (18/12/2020)

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