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Balfour County Primary School 1959-1961

Do you recognise yourself – or anyone else?

Please leave a comment and share your memories below.

Miss Bisop's class 1959
Miss Brogate's class 1960
Mrs Moore's class 1961

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  • Gosh I just idly googled the school and up came this photo you just posted Malcolm! That’s me second from right, back row, and I recognise you of course. I can still recall well over half the names of the 37 here. What became of me? How long do you have? Anyway I blundered into computers in my early 20s and am still programming them now in the City, at 67, while the brain holds up. Now live in SE London and known to friends and family as Dick.

    By Richard Wynne (11/08/2019)
  • PS I was referring to the 1961 photo

    By Richard Wynne (11/08/2019)
  • Delighted to come across the 1961 photo with myself 2nd from right at the back. And I recognise you Malcolm, in fact I can name about 3/4 of the 37 members of the class. Don’t know if that’s allowed here these days. I think there may be a bug in the comments function — looks like one comment overwrites a previous one by the same writer, rendering PSs ineffective!

    By Richard Wynne (12/08/2019)
  • So by now I appear to be losing it. This is because my comments took so long to appear that I thought something was wrong! And my first to appear was the disembodied PS…

    By Richard Wynne (12/08/2019)
  • Dick. So pleased that you are enjoying a little nostalgia. I recognize you in the 1961 picture. My memory is almost as good as yours in putting names to faces. I have vivid memories of Balfour and Varndean, so I must have been thoroughly traumatized. I’m long retired and have been living near San Francisco since 1975. I came across these photos during a recent move and couldn’t resist sharing them.

    By Malcolm Pitt (20/08/2019)
  • I think the photo captioned Miss Brogate’s Class is Miss Bacon’s class. Miss Bacon I remember rode a Vespa scooter to school. Miss Brogate was a little older.

    By Stewart Macintosh (17/12/2019)
  • Yes, that’s Miss Bacon.I was in her class 1962 I think.I have a class photo, I will try and post it.

    By Adrian Davis (21/04/2020)
  • That is definitely not Miss Brogate as the children are smiling!

    By Andy Dawson (21/04/2020)
  • Just absently googling and stumbled upon these photos of Balfour Road School. I started there when I was 9 or 10,Mrs Moore’s class. Then went on to Miss Cowtan’s class. Remember the name Richard Wynne! My best friend was Gabrielle Rogers, who I do recognise in these photos. Others are a blur now but sure I would remember more with a bit of prompting. Would be interested to hear more about this class. June Barnes.

    By June Barnes (04/05/2020)
  • I was a classroom assistant with Miss Snook in the reception class from 1957 until I went to teacher training college in 1959. She and the headmaster, Mr. Slater, were incredibly kind to me. I, too, remember Miss Brogate who, I believe, had been thwarted in love … maybe explained her miserable demeanour!

    By Maureen kermode (29/06/2020)
  • My name is Robert Cantle and remember being in Mrs Bishop`s class before going on up in the following year up to Mr Jackson`s class at the age of 10, this was in 1961/62. I can remember Mr Jackson broke his collar bone and taught our class with his arm supported at 90 degree angle in a cradle for six weeks. Mr Slater was our headmaster a wonderful and caring teacher. Other pupils I recognise from the photograph is John Burgess whose father owned the butcher shop at Preston Drove, other students in the photograph I can identify and appear familiar but unfortunately their names escape me. Other friends and pupils I can remember names are Sally Brooks, Michael Longley, Stuart Stoddard, Jeremy Schoone, Robin Tozer (Lived in Bates Road) Alan Baker, John Spencer (Year older than me who was Fast Bowler and went onto to play cricket for Sussex County CC), Jane Whitting, Mark Crawford, Sue Windham, and David Buckle. I would be interested to hear from old friends and acquaintances.

    By Robert Cantle (30/09/2020)
  • Hello June, I regret I can’t put a face to your name but I do remember Gabrielle Rodgers as holder of the coveted White Badge for top marks in everything. I remember queueing on the stairs to Mr Slater’s office to receive the occasional Good or Very Good rubber stamp in my exercise book, I don’t think I ever made Excellent. I recall partnering with Barbara Woolford in country dancing, and coming 2nd in a spelling knockout, to Isobel Oliver, when I forgot the last e in cemetery. I recall Mr Slater unsheathing his cane from his sleeve with a flourish, to administer it to some poor classmate, Paul Stilwell I think.

    By Dick Wynne (24/11/2020)
  • Malcolm, this isn’t a very immediate form of dialogue is it?! But I too have very vivid memories of Balfour Road and Varndean (I spent three years at each). You and Roger Shields were thick as thieves I recall, and cricket mad, operating your own league by means of throwing dice.

    By Dick Wynne (24/11/2020)
  • When I lived in the UK I had a good mate , Chris Cager. He appears in the middle photo, (bottom row second from the left) And the bottom photo ( third row down, second form the left. Does anybody remember him and where he maybe now.
    Paul Wheatley.

    By Paul Wheatley (03/11/2021)
  • I was looking for a nice picture of the school and came across classroom photos and I am on them! Yipeedido! I am so happy, I remember the teachers, they were lovely and many of my class mates, it has really made me feel so happy. I am now 72 years old.

    By Julia Dwyer (as was) (08/04/2023)
  • I have a further photo to those shown above. It’s from 1959 and is of Mr. Whykes’s Class. I have tried to upload the photo to the site but without luck so far. So I thought I’d try it another way and list out the pupils I recognise and with a few question marks for those names I have forgotten – sorry. I know it’s not the same without the photo but I’m hoping some of you that regularly visit this site might also have gone to Balfour School, may have been in this class and may even have the same photo. With a bit of luck we might be able to name the whole class (36 pupils including me). You might be able to correct me if I’ve got some names wrong and identify those with a question mark. So shall we play ‘detective’ and see how we get on.

    The photo is in the exact same format as those above, comprising of four rows. Going from back to front:- Standing L-R: Mr. Whykes, NIgel Clegg (wearing a sling on his right arm); Peter Clark; might be Nigel Sheldrick; Anthony Snelling; ?; ?; ?; might be Graham Faraday; Clive Worley; Patrick Robinson; Roger Mortimore.
    Next Row – Standing L-R: Joanna Martin; Ann Staley; Jean Driscoll; Susan Martin; ?; Andrew Jupp; might be Gordon Smith; Linda Sparry (my best friend for 68 years!); Susan Crack; Jacqueline Tyler.
    Next Row – Seated L-R: Myself (Carolyn Jones}; Jennifer Spence; Lynn Hailstrap; Valerie Watts; Elizabeth Welch; Jacqueline Sayers; Hazel Sladen; Rosamund Payne; ?; Christine Pearce.
    Front Row – Seated on the ground: ?; might be Peter Williams; Alan Parsons; Andrew Paddock; ?
    It would be lovely to hear from you.

    By Carolyn Jones (09/09/2023)

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