Balfour County Primary School 1959-1961

Do you recognise yourself – or anyone else?

Please leave a comment and share your memories below.

Miss Bisop's class 1959
Miss Brogate's class 1960
Mrs Moore's class 1961

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  • Gosh I just idly googled the school and up came this photo you just posted Malcolm! That’s me second from right, back row, and I recognise you of course. I can still recall well over half the names of the 37 here. What became of me? How long do you have? Anyway I blundered into computers in my early 20s and am still programming them now in the City, at 67, while the brain holds up. Now live in SE London and known to friends and family as Dick.

    By Richard Wynne (11/08/2019)
  • PS I was referring to the 1961 photo

    By Richard Wynne (11/08/2019)
  • Delighted to come across the 1961 photo with myself 2nd from right at the back. And I recognise you Malcolm, in fact I can name about 3/4 of the 37 members of the class. Don’t know if that’s allowed here these days. I think there may be a bug in the comments function — looks like one comment overwrites a previous one by the same writer, rendering PSs ineffective!

    By Richard Wynne (12/08/2019)
  • So by now I appear to be losing it. This is because my comments took so long to appear that I thought something was wrong! And my first to appear was the disembodied PS…

    By Richard Wynne (12/08/2019)
  • Dick. So pleased that you are enjoying a little nostalgia. I recognize you in the 1961 picture. My memory is almost as good as yours in putting names to faces. I have vivid memories of Balfour and Varndean, so I must have been thoroughly traumatized. I’m long retired and have been living near San Francisco since 1975. I came across these photos during a recent move and couldn’t resist sharing them.

    By Malcolm Pitt (20/08/2019)

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