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Class photograph c1957

Miss Gunn's class c1957
From the private collection of Brian Howard

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I have done my best to remember names. But it is such a long time ago. I am sorry if I have got anyone’s name wrong or forgotten about you.

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Top row L-R 4th in John Pendry; 5th John Cabot; 6th Colin Haveden; Susan Hedgecock.

2nd row down L-R 2nd in Sheila Downs; 5th Ann Morris; next Betty Penn; 8th along Me; 9th Micheal Baldry; Miss Gunn our teacher on the end.

3rd row down L-R 2nd in Wendy Jefferies; 8th Barbara Gibbs; 9th Janet Marsh; then Joyce Plum.

Bottom row L-R 3rd in Michael Chapman; 6th Ian Bowled; then Barry Gardner; 8th Tony Brookes; 9th Micheal Wheeler.

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  • How lovely to see this school photo, before my time but still cute to see. The ‘Ian Bowled’ is I’m sure Ian Bowles who I feel is a distant relative of mine, my mother’s maiden name was Bowles. She lived in Poynings before getting married and moving to Heathill Avenue when the houses were built.  We all: Dianne, Susan, Carol, Linda and Kevin Hampson, went to Bevendean schools.

    By Linda Hampson (30/10/2014)
  • Yes Linda it is Ian Bowles – my mistake. I think if you look under Bevendean there’s another photo of him in the football team.

    By Brian Howard (03/11/2014)
  • Thank you Brian, I’ll have a look. I might be wrong and he is not a relative, it’s just that I seem to remember my mother saying the name Ian Bowles for some reason. I remember  so few people from Bevendean considering I lived there for 25 years and went to both infants and junior school! I remember Robert Wakelin being my first ‘boyfriend’ when I was about 7 or 8, and playing with Sandra Hedgecock, Beverley Feest, Susan Fairway and my best friend Carol Gardener- who still lives in Bevendean. Good happy memories.

    By Linda Hampson (05/11/2014)
  • I attended Bevendean School from 1953 – 1959 I think. I seem to remember one of my teachers was Mr Maskell and I think his wife worked there too. Was the Head Mr Webb?

    By Tony Eke (13/12/2014)
  • Hi Brian, I also lived in the Prefabs (No. 11, I think) and I remember playing in the fields behind where we lived. Enjoyed Lower Bevendean School then going on to Stanmer. I am now living in Melbourne but am moving back to Adelaide soon. Hope you are keeping well. Best Regards

    By Tony Brooks (16/11/2015)
  • Hi Tony, nice to hear from you. All those years ago – yes it was great then with  all the downs to play on, sliding down the hill on bits of cardboard, catching lizards and slow worms. Do you remember the dew pond? It was a sad day when the prefabs came down we all went our different ways. You finished up a long way away. I just finished up in Yorkshire but still visit Brighton some times.

    By Brian Howard (24/11/2015)
  • Just seen this and I’m in it, amazing! Thank you for posting it. I must admit I had forgotten many names; I hope they are all well. 

    By Ann Janes (nee Morris) (09/02/2017)
  • Saw this picture whilst looking for photos of Bevendean school building and immediately recognised my dad Michael Wheeler! I printed it out and gave it to him – lovely looking at this photo and remembering class mates, as he hasn’t any pictures from school.

    By Abigail Marchant (nee Wheeler) (27/05/2017)
  • I saw this photo whilst looking for photos of Bevendean school building. I immediately recognised my dad, Michael Wheeler. I printed it out and gave it to him – lovely looking at this photo and remembering class mates, as he hasn’t any from school.

    By Abigail Marchant (nee Wheeler) (27/05/2017)
  • Fantastic seeing this photo, and what a good memory for names; I remember nearly everyone so thanks for posting this. I would love contact with anyone who I was friends with.  

    By Barbara Knowles (nee Gibbs) (22/06/2017)
  • I went to Bevendean School. as did my brothers and sisters; Tim, Chris, David, Michael, Janet, Penny, Ian. I have to say we all enjoyed going there.

    By Michael Saunders (22/07/2017)
  • Hello Brian, I’m the guy between you and Betty Penn – I must have left a lasting impression. I have the photograph somewhere, I must look it out. I moved on to Stanmer and Nov17 I posted a photo of Form V just before we left school in 1962. I was checking to see if there were any replies when I thought I should also check Bevendean school. Ian Bowles was my neighbour at 140 Norwich Drive (I was 142). Ann Morris, Betty Penn, Barbara Gibbs and Wendy Jefferies I remember well, also Tony Brookes and Miss Gunn. Other faces are familiar although I can’t put names to them. A great time to look back on, although we probably didn’t realise it or appreciate it at the time. I hope everyone in the photo, my old classmates, have had a happy and successful life. Best wishes for Christmas and 2018.

    By Chris Redford (16/12/2017)
  • Hi Chris, now you mention your name I do remember you. It was so long ago. I’m amazed that so many pupils keep logging in to this site over one photo. It’s great to know people remember those times. All the best to every one, not many without a name now.

    By Brian Howard (24/12/2017)
  • Born 1953, I spent my childhood in Plymouth Avenue until I married in 1969. Now live in Bevendean Crescent.

    If anyone is interested & on Facebook, please join our group Bevendean Baby Boomers. All newcomers warmly welcomed! 

    By Elaine Tiffin (30/01/2018)
  • Happy days, grew up in Bevendean & moved away after getting married in 1968, many happy memories.

    By Tony Smith (25/02/2019)
  • I wonder if there are any ex-Bevedean PS students from the mid 1960s who may remember a female teacher Miss [Pat] Bramley? If so would you have a photo from that era? I married her in Dec 1968 and we immigrated to Western Australia where she continued teaching until c2005. I seem to recall she spoke of a principal who liked to wear his Commonwealth Games blazer to school sports days. Any comments? Happy for you to contact me on email

    By Nigel D Buxton (16/05/2019)
  • Hi All, I hope everyone has managed to stay safe during these trying pandemic times.

    I’ve attached another class photo from Lower Bevendean Juniors. We appear much younger than the 1957 photo above so I’m guessing it was taken during 1952 or 53. I recognise myself (standing in the same place as in the above) and maybe a younger Miss Gunn but not others. Perhaps Brian Howard can come to the rescue again with more names.
    Best wishes,
    Chris Redford.

    By Chris Redford (16/08/2021)
  • Sorry Chris, not sure if I was at that school then. Nice to see though.

    By Brian Howard (29/09/2021)

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