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School photograph 1954

Brighton Hove and Sussex Grammar School 1954
From the private collection of Peter Guy

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Joined the school in 1951

I started at the Grammar School in September 1951 and left in the summer of 1956. The school photos were taken every 4/5 years and this one was the only one in my time there. They were all positioned in the corridor behind the hall and they went back into the 1920’s & 1930’s. I found them very interesting, particularly seeing how long some of the teachers had lasted there. The ones who had been there the longest, I remember, were Messrs. Dickinson, Rover & Cave.

Names of teachers

I can identify all but one of the teachers in this picture and they are as follows, Left to Right.
Doc Harris, Harris(2), Pascoe, Pratt, unknown lady & man(probably office personnel), Wilkins, Shrewsbury, Anderson, Bruce, Rutherford, Jack Smithies, Bone, Randall, Cave, Harry Brogden (head), Milton, Pewtress, Williamson, Toll, Rider, Dickinson, Albert E.Chapman, Woolven,  ???, Maclean, P.R.James(Dim Jim), (Killer) Reeve, and Bagg.
Three teachers missing are Berry, Rover & S.R.James.

Memories of the teachers

The CCF had Colonel Randall as the Co, Captain Bruce, Captain Wilkins & Lieutenant Maclean. Albert E.Chapman famously conducted The Messiah at the Dome each year. Jack Smithes & Mr.Bagg were both bell ringers at St.Nicholas Church where, I was a choirboy. Killer Reeve; he used to wear shoes with big thick crepe soles, known as ‘brothel  creepers.’  He had a great skill of entering the back of the room with nobody knowing, and he would suddenly hit the table at the back with a piece of wood and make us all jump out of our skin. He was also an expert in throwing the board rubber. A brilliant shot and we were all cowering in our seats when he was around.

Pupils who became well known

Richard Langridge. He was the son of James Langridge, and like him played cricket for Sussex. He is in the back row. He was a member of the team, led by Ted Dexter, who won the first ever Gillette Cup in 1964. Howard Blake; well known composer who wrote ‘Walking in the Air’ which was sung by Aled Jones, he is in row 6 number 13 from right hand end (grey jacket). Michael Thornton; regularly writes articles in the Daily Mail, most recently about the life and times of child star Shirley Temple. John Mason; sang in St. Nicholas’ Church choir and went on to join the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company, he is in back row number 11 from right hand end. Tony Millard; he was the announcer at the Goldstone Ground before becoming a football reporter for Sky Sports, he died last year.  Adrian Thorne; the player who famously scored five goals for Brighton in the 6-0 win over Watford in 1958, which won promotion for Brighton for the first time in their history. He is in the back row number 21 from right hand end.  I am almost directly in front of him in row 5, number 22 from right hand end (grey jacket).

Do you remember?

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else in this photograph? Which teachers do you remember? If you can share your memories with us, please leave a comment below.

Comments about this page

  • The missing teacher from the recollections of the photo of Peter Guy was J.B Williams, Latin teacher and class teacher of 2B in my time. 1957 – 1965.

    By Richard White (06/04/2014)
  • That’s right, it’s JB.  He used to take the CCF on Friday afternoons also. Great man.

    By Garry Gelade (06/04/2014)
  • Thank you Richard for providing the missing name. Once you told me I remembered it. Today’s Daily Mail has a splendid article by Michael Thornton on the life and times of Mickey Rooney. In the school photo he is sitting on the ground in the front row, 11th from the L.H. end and wearing a grey jacket. (Is that Michael or Mickey Rooney Peter? Ed)

    By Peter Guy (08/04/2014)
  • I have received an email from Ivan Lawrence which identifies the teacher left out of Peter Guy’s list to the left of Bagg (two from Killer) as David Maland, who taught, and wrote text books on modern history. Left to become Head of Denstone College in Staffordshire and thence to fill one of the most prestigious head-masterships in the country as High Master of Manchester Grammar School.

    By Nick Lade (08/04/2014)
  • Its great to see HCGS represented on this site at last.  I remember the discipline and many of the very colourful teaching staff with great affection.  I joined at 11 in 1955 and left in 1960.  

    By Rodger Olive (09/04/2014)
  • Whoops I have just realised Google linked this page when I was looking for Hove County Grammar School and although I have been in IT for about 45 years I didn’t check the link….  So we still do not have HCGS represented on this site.  They do however have a reasonable site with some good photo’s

    By Rodger Olive (09/04/2014)
  • Thanks Peter for adding the 1954 photo to the site – it brought back many fond memories. I found myself in the third row back, between Alan(?) Parr and Alistair Tapsell.
    Peter, I see that you are not a member of the Past & Present Association – it would be great if you would join, as well as other old boys and past students; the more the merrier! For joining details, please see the ‘Join the Past and Present Association’ link. I hope you and many others will join and boost our numbers!

    By Bruce Rawlings (27/04/2014)
  • I am on Howard Blake’s right in the photo and Peter Moon is to his left.

    By Brian Dungate (27/02/2015)
  • I have the same photograph with me now. I am 37th from the left on the second row from back. I left in 1955 and now live in New Zealand. What memories it has brought back to me.

    By Michael Williams (10/08/2015)
  • Hello Peter, my father William E Saul taught Maths and Physics at this School from about 1950 till 1956 when he relocated to Brighton Technical College. He seems to be hiding in this picture but I have seen him in other school pictures from 1951. Regards Julian Saul.

    By Julian Saul (28/03/2016)
  • Please forgive an intrusion from an ‘outsider’ with regard to Nick Lade’s comment on David Maland. DM was my history master at Stamford School, Lincs. in the early 1960s. He left to become Headmaster firstly of Cardiff GS before moving on soon afterwards to Denstone.

    By Michael Eames (07/09/2016)
  • I believe my father Jeff Fairlamb boarded and attended at this school from approx 1954/55 until he finished. I would be interested to see if anyone remembers him as he has told us very little and left no record of it. I’ve only just found out about it reading through some of my grandmother’s memoirs. Cheers

    By Joe Fairlamb (15/02/2017)
  • The man and the lady between Capt. Wilkins and Nolly Pratt are:
    Mr Parish who looked after the upstairs labs and was the ‘right hand man’ of Head of the Chemistry Dept. Mr T. Stuart Alexander who may have been the best teacher in the school at that time.
    The lady was Harry Brogden’s secretary Miss Adams(?).

    By Dudley Seifert (10/04/2017)
  • A very good friend of mine from 1948 until about 1955 went to Brighton and Hove Grammar School in about 1951 time, his name is Timothy Pierce. Does anybody remember him and know where he went after leaving the school at all?  I have tried to track him down but have not had any luck so far, he would be about 75/76 now.

    By Vic Bath (13/04/2017)
  • In answer to the enquiry by Vic Bath, I was at the school 51-56 and was a very good pal of Tim Pierce. He has been to a couple of reunion dinners recently and is a member of P and P. No doubt Bruce Rawlings has more info. I believe he is still working as head of a large company in Hastings. (Not sure on the spelling of Pierce, could be Pearce).

    By Norman Brooks (24/09/2017)
  • I am 4th row back, 3rd from the left. How did I get away with all that hair? Yes, missing is the much-feared Arnold Berry, 4c at that time, my form master – who wasn’t as bad as he sometimes seemed.

    By Roger Johnson (25/07/2018)
  • My father Robert (Bob) John Powell is in the 5th row, 37th from the left. Sadly he passed away 3rd Feb 2019.
    My uncle William (Bill) Powell is also in the photo, 2nd row, 17th from the left. Also now deceased. Due to a family rift I never got to know him.
    Such a great photo of my family history.
    My father spoke about a teacher he had at this school, Mr Rutherford? Who ended up living in Bennet Drive and coincidently his garden backed onto my childhood home’s back garden in Goldstone Crescent. I think my dad was quite surprised the first time he saw him over the back fence in 1987!

    By Simon Powell (02/02/2021)
  • My father Peter Goldman joined the school in the early 1950s. If anyone can spot him on the school 1954 picture, I would welcome help some coordinates so I can see him. In fact, I have no picture of him as a child, teenager or young adult. A school photo is an obvious opportunity but perhaps you have another image from a school magazine or class photo. I am keen to find a photo of him and receive any anecodtal information from anyone who remembers him. I am his son.

    By Joel Goldman (07/02/2022)

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