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French Assistant 1972/73

I was a French assistant during the 1972-73 school year at Brighton Secondary Technical School, and have very happy memories of my stay there. The kids were very happy since it was the first time they had a foreign teacher. We got on very well together, they were very pleasant guys.

Lunch time break :click on image to open a large version

Lunch time break:click on image to open a large version



 I remember all the guys on the pictures and also most of the names in the list (attached below) although I forgot who is who. Well it was forty four years ago. I remember one guy in particular who asked me for documents about French trains. I was able to find a booklet with pictures, technical specifications and slides. Of course he was most happy about this.


The French lesson:click on image to open a large version

Who is the teacher here:click on image to open a large version


 I understand the place has been demolished so it is nice to have a few photos to remember it. I lived with a family in Queen’s Park, I had a red Mini. I am now retired and still live in Boulogne-sur-Mer, right across the Channel. It would be nice to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Do you remember?

Do you recognise yourself or someone else here? Maybe you remember the name of the teacher in the playground? Please share your memories by posting a comment below.

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  • I attended this school 1968 to 1973. I do have memories of Phillipe. I seem to recall discussing English swear words at some point. The school has indeed been pulled down. I think that its status did not go well with the authorities educational thinking – it was neither a grammar school or secondary modern and probably wasn’t large enough to warrant investment to become comprehensive.

    The teacher in the playground is Mr Stockbridge who taught English and Drama. He found fame for eating marathon bars on TV. The thoughtful lad looking at the blackboard is, I believe, Andy Hardy. The lad eating his dinner is John Patching? 

    By Graham Beck (03/03/2016)
  • Hi Phillipe, The Teacher in the photograph was the one and only Peter Stockbridge, he was also an actor who played a part in EastEnders ( a very popular English Soap Opera) he also did a few TV advertisements of a chocolate bar called Marathon (Snickers now) and he also did classical acting as well.

    I am afraid that he has passed on now . You probably won’t remember me as when these pictures were taken I was in my final year. I now work for Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company and apart from a 3 month break I have been there for 38 years. We have names on the front of our buses these are of the famous people who either have lived in or had some connection to Brighton and the surrounding area. One stipulation of having your name on the front of one of our buses is that you have to be dead! Peter Stockbridge has his name on the front of one of our buses. Fleet Number 451.

    By Graham Maskell (04/03/2016)
  • Thanks Graham Beck for your message dated 4 3 2016. I’m quite happy you could tell me Mr Stockbridge’s name, and John Patching’s as well. As a matter of fact I remembered Andy Hardy both name and face. I remember your name although not your face (44 years ago). I hope you’re doing well.

    By Philippe Dupont (05/03/2016)
  • Hi Graham, yes that is Andy Hardy in thought by the blackboard. I still see him sometimes around town. That could quite possibly be John Patching at the dinner table. Great to hear from you. How’s things?

    By Graham Maskell (05/03/2016)
  • Hello Philippe – Good of you to remember from all those years ago. The other lads in the group with me  were Michael Adams (he went onto become the school captain -I think) Chris Apps and Andy Spence. I also remember a few from the other groups.

    Graham – I have just retired after 42 years in the Civil Service. Still living in Brighton and sometimes catching buses.

    By Graham Beck (06/03/2016)
  • Thank you Graham Maskell for your message dated 4/3/2016. I was quite happy to have Mr Stockbridge’s name – I remember him very well. I remember your name although not your face, 44 years!! You say the picture was taken in your final year – actually that was my first and last year as we French assistants only had a 1 year contract. Do you know if someone may have a picture / pictures of all the guys? As you can see the list has been published, still the original BBFN.

    By Philippe Dupont (08/03/2016)
  • There is a Facebook group for BSTS if anyone is interested:

    By Bob Valder (14/08/2016)
  • Surely M.Behar was the first foreign teacher at BSBE:BSTS? He was there when I was there 1951-1956.

    By Mike Rolf (18/12/2016)
  • Philippe, these photos are great! I was at BSTS from 1970-75 and remember you – I think we gave you a hard time 🙂 I would love to see more photos if you have some.  All the very best.

    By Michael 'Tom' Collins (24/01/2017)
  • Hi Phillip, my name appears on the sheet above: A.Hardy, and also I do believe it’s myself looking at the blackboard but the guys have mistakenly called me Andy, whereas my Christian name is Anthony but I was always known as Tony. Some of those names bring back memories.

    By Anthony Hardy (24/01/2017)
  • Although no Francophile all those names were classmates. Amazing to see and message. Once you see the name it bring back the memories.

    By Paul Hard Adtke (27/01/2017)
  • Hi there, I’m the guy hiding behind the tie of (I think) Dave Johnson, but not sure.

    By John Jennings (10/08/2017)
  • Yes, Mr Behar was the first French teacher, I remember him well. I was at BSBE from 1949 until 1953, we in 1949 were the first intake of pupils of 11 years old. Mr Behar arrived about 1951, he already had left a year so before I did in 1953.

    By Vic Bath (11/08/2017)
  • French conversation page. Thursday form 4. Group 1

    Nelson Lindsay/ David Webster twin of Martin Webster/Peter (punchy) Skelton/Franklin (Frank) woods/Phil Nunn.

    Group 2

    Gary King/Nick Hewitson/Andy Hughes/Richard Vinicombe/Martin Webster/John ( the Rev) Weir.

    Group 3

    Paul Snelling/Stuart Gregory/Andy Barnard/ Ian Batchelor/Chris? Arundel/Brian Holmwood.

    Group 4

    Robert Dearman/Ian Lawrence/Andy? Hardy/Ian Robson.

    All 1969-74. But did we realise such happy days.

    By Phil Hall (13/09/2017)
  • Following on from what Graham Beck says about the school not fitting in with the council’s ethos: I always had a different interpretation. When schools were supposed to be comprehensive and offer an identical education, by making BSTS officially an annex of Patcham Fawcett, they were able to keep a technical school going “under the radar” of government policy — and quietly shunt the technically-minded kids, like me, there.

    By Andy Hain (12/03/2019)
  • Vic Bath, I was in your form at “The Buildings” 3x, 4x and 5x when I left in July 54 to start an engineering apprenticeship at Vickers Armstrongs. You are correct about M Behar who I thought, was a great teacher. He took us to see French films at The Continentale Cinema in Sudely Place (probably gone by now). Films like “The Green Mare’s Nest” , M Hulot’s Holiday and possibly Clochmerle. He lived in a flat off Carden Avenue, Patcham, not far from me and Albert Paynter (remember him?}. Sadly Abert died quite young leaving a wife and little girl. He was best man at my wedding in 1967 we both lived in “Poet’s Corner” in Hove.

    By John Snelling (04/07/2020)

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