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School photograph 1959

School photograph 1959 - Click on the image to show a large version - use side and bottom slide bars to move the image
From the private collection of Roger Wilson

September 1959.

Most of the staff I can still name, can anyone fill in the blanks?

Teachers, from the left: Colwell (science & R.E.), Parfitt (metalwork). MacGregor (P.E.), Taylor (woodwork), Lowrie-Pearce (French), Walsh (English), Chappell ( tech.drawing, & Deputy Head), Mrs. Pratt (school secretary), Downing (Head Teacher), Bullock (science), Steele (maths), Price (geography), Pope (history), Hobden (maths), Kinley (art), Hargreaves (brickwork), ______ ?, ______? 

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else?

Even better – how about naming your whole class if you can still recognise them?

If you can help, please post a comment below.

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  • Before my time, but many were there in my time  - early ’70s

    By Tim Young (17/06/2016)
  • Yes I’m there, first year, front row, 16th from the left, in line with Mr Taylor

    By Tim Geere (28/06/2016)
  • Hello every one. I was not a pupil here myself but by the 1960s I had many good mates who were. I was at Moulsecoomb Secondary Modern. Our technical drawing and boxing master was the very same Alex Hargreaves in the school photo, he was a great guy who also loved his football. He spoke with a northern tone – I think in his younger days he had some connection with Burnley.  I will always remember his motto ‘manners maketh man’ also when angry, bashing a size 12 plimsoll on the desk. Get Hargreaves talking football you got out of TD. He once spoke of a lad who had so much football skills and talent that he  met at another Brighton school. This boy went on and earned England schoolboy caps which in those days  was truly an honour. When Hargreaves told us the name  of the lad  I put my hand up. It was  a boy around the corner from me his name was Roy Bradley.  I was one of Hargreaves’ new students and was in his boxing club.

    By KEN MCNEILL (01/07/2016)
  • I left in 71 but remember Parfitt, Downing (who was replaced by Wilson), Chappell, Walsh, Kinley and Taylor, and Ms Pratt. These guys went on for years. Add in McNeff (who I thought was mad as a March hare) to the equation and the likes of Michael Fabricant and Peter Vincent and Peter Stockbridge (famous for his Marathon advert) and we see what a rich talent we had at that school. I should have paid more attention.

    By Barry (15/07/2016)
  • Tony Stone, second row down, 5th pupil in! I have funny memories of a great education. Had great friends and many laughs. Would like to make contact with old school mates. Left school in 1961.

    By Tony Stone (09/11/2016)
  • Hi Tony Stone. You are in fact 6th boy in. Good to hear you are still here! I see Terry Barker, Rick Moffat and Jim Wadey from time to time, usually in Hove. Join us? Contact me on

    By Don Grant (21/11/2019)

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