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BST School students c1957

This is the entrance of Brighton Technical School taken from the playground. The grey rendered low building in front, was used as a prefects room in 1956 and the brickwork workshop was to the right.

The picture outside Brighton Technical College shows the students who went to courses at the College 1956/57, who attended Brighton Technical School

View from the playground
From the private collection of Brian Tipler
Students c1957/1958
From the private collection of Brian Tipler

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  • Looking at the top picture, it flooded my mind with many memories of my school days back in the late 70s when it was then known as Patcham Fawcett Annexe. The toilets or ‘bogs’ as they were affectionatly known were behind where the photographer stood, the low part of the building in the foreground was the tuck shop and the dark area behind that was the cycle shed. All sorts of shananigans went on there as I remember. Through the blue door and down some steps to the right were the PE changing rooms, a nasty place with a whiff of sweaty socks. The teacher was a Mr ‘Beefy’ Burgen who enjoyed making us run around the block numerous times on regular occasions, rain or shine, along with a good game of British bulldog or murder ball in the gym -all character building stuff.
    To the left, just out of shot was another entrance, the older boys used to gather along each side of the the corridor the other side of this door just before the end of break times and jostle us all through as we entered, pushing us from side to side. ‘The wall of death’ I think it was known as.
    Left of that was the metalwork classroom taken by Mr Leech and behind that was woodwork, taken by Mr Walsh. The canteen with it’s big round tables was behind this, I can still smell the cabage now.
    To the right of the photo was the assembly hall, this also doubled as the art classroom, taken by Mr Browne. I found out at my peril that there was a peephole in the teachers staffroom which looked down into the hall, unfortunatly I once caught the gaze of the deputy head, a Mr Davies, who promptly caned me for throwing paper mashe at my school mates. Ouch.I can remember feeling Mr Davies rath on a number of occasions along with the head, a Mr ‘T’ Rex who had a cabinet in his office which housed a number of canes. The thinner ones hurt the most. Ah, they were the days.

    By Stuart Joseph (04/02/2009)
  • I think the lower photo was probably taken in 1958 or early ’59 and the guys are all former pupils of the school who went on to study at the Brighton Technical College. I can’t remember many of the names here but I am third from right in the front and I think the guy 2nd from left at the front is Ken Palmer who was studying Mechanical Engineering. Who are the others?

    By Eric Mark (01/03/2016)
  • The “tuck shop” mentioned by Stuart Joseph was actually the school’s print workshop. I was prefect in charge of the printing room, so I had a key. I do remember we used to sell stuff out the window, when the teachers weren’t looking! We had to stop when the number of tea/coffee cups being discarded got suspicious…

    By Andy Hain (12/03/2019)

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