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Who was in the BSTC 1954 Rugby Team?

Sports Master Mr Weedal, may have been justly proud of this fine bunch of young men who brought (questionable) fame to BSTC. We were the school’s Rugby 1st XV team 1953-54.

Can anyone help me identify them apart from the ones I know? David Cottingham (top row on the extreme right). Donald Sindon extreme left in the second row and John Wallace (third from the right, second row). Me? Well I’m, the tall guy (‘Lofty’ Scales) in the middle of the back row with the lavatory brush haircut (my Dad’s description of me!).

I’d also like to contact other school friends not tough enough (perhaps?) to be in the Rugby team. Amongst others these are, Brian Eade who went to Canada and David Burtenshaw who lived in the Hove Town Hall where his dad was the caretaker. My email is:

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BTSC Rugby 1st XV team 1953-1954
From the private collection of Alan Scales

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  • I should know quite a few of those in the 53-54 rugby team as I attended the school from 1949 in the same class as ‘Lofty’ Scales, John Wallace, Brian ‘Chuter’ Eade etc, but seeing all those young faces of all those years ago I cannot help I’m afraid. John Wallace I picked out straight away though, before noting that he was mentioned in the message. John and I are in regular touch in fact, as we pass on e-mails to each other, particularly aviation ones. My e-mail address is

    By Vic Bath (18/03/2010)
  • These recent photos certainly bring back some good memories, especially with Mickey Walker (middle row 3rd from left ). We both boxed at the Dome in the schoolboy championships. I also remember the fun I had with Dave Ridehalgh. I seemed to spend more time outside in the corridor than in the classroom. I do recognise the name Vic Bath – did you make many contributions to the ‘Scriber’, our School magazine?

    By Peter (Pug ) Wilson (26/03/2010)
  • In reply to ‘Pug’ Wilson’s question: I think I did just once make a contribution to the ‘Scriber’.

    By Vic Bath (29/06/2010)
  • The person in the front row holding the ball is Colin Thomas of Burgess Hill.

    By Frederic M. Avery (02/11/2010)
  • I think that is Joe Osborne 4th from left standing.

    By barry flahey (17/06/2012)
  • I’m sure I know where the above picture was taken. It is Patcham Secondary playing field with the pavilion at the RHS and the senior school (from whence I came) on the left also showing one of the prefabs -Mr Goldsmith’s carpentery shop. (I left 5X in 1954.)

    By John Snelling (11/11/2012)
  • Having re-examined the above photo I recognise David Cottingham rear row RHS. He used to be at Patcham School Infants or Juniors but guess he got to the buildings via 11+ rather than my 13+. He always had a hoarse sounding voice. He was very clever and taught me how to tie my shoelace! John Snelling 1951-54.

    By John Snelling (23/01/2013)
  • Re my messages above and the photo – who was the guy in a suit in the back row LHS? – I’m sure I knew him. Others I knew in 3x, 4x & 5x were my mates Albert Paynter who sadly died in the early 60s and Ray Royston.
    WE had 2 “giants” in our class – “Dave Short” and Dave Pearce who were both about 6ft tall.

    By John Snelling (13/10/2019)

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