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Carden School 1956 - 1957)

Carden School
From the private collection of Ben Breeds

I hope that you like this photo, and that it might bring back memories for some of you.  If you are in it, or you recognise somebody that is, can you please reply by leaving a comment below, I can only remember seven names, and it would be nice to put names to the faces. I will try to name who I know, but sorry if I get the spelling wrong.

Names I remember

(4th row) 4th from the left is John Yardley? (3rd from the right is Jamie Haughton.
(3rd row) 5th from the left is Peter Thorogood. (4th from the right is Ian Jefferies(Jaffa) 2nd from the right is myself Ben Breeds. (1st from the right is—- Goble. ?
(2nd row) 4th from the right is Linda Ruff?
(1st row) 5th from the right is Colin( Chick) Miller. 3rd from the right is (Geoffrey
Brooks. (My old boxing partner)

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  • Hi Ben, I am third from the right next to you John Bailey, I lived at 1 Crabtree Ave and have been reading a lot of the comments about Carden and Patcham schools as my memory is a bit hazy due to my fathers abuse physical as well as mental, was glad to leave school, worked at Moores of Brighton for two years then joined the Army and did travel the world,all the best to all of you ex class mates John.
    ps/ if anybody wants to contact me the email address.

    By john bailey (30/12/2022)

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