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Letter from America 1955

When my Carden School teacher Miss James left for Canada to get married, she sent a letter and post card to me. This was in 1955 when I was 6 yrs old, I still have it 56 years on.

I remember walking to school in all weathers as there was no school run in those days. The area where Birchgrove flats are was waste ground then, as was the area at the bottom of Braybon Avenue, where the Roman Catholic church is now.

I moved from where I lived in Denton Drive over 40 years ago, but have happy memories of the area.

Teacher's letter
From the private collection of Alan Spicer
Teacher's letter
From the private collection of Alan Spicer

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  • What a lovely thing to treasure. She must have been a nice lady to take the trouble.You can probably find her or her family online. In an earlier post you mentioned your mother working at the DOY, do check the page my dad Terry Hyde added, as there are photos of some of the staff from the ’30s & ’40s

    By Nickie Preston (02/04/2013)
  • Hi Nickie, I remember Tom and Mabel from when I was a lad – Mum would take my sister and I into the Duke of Yorks when she went to see her old friends from her time firewatching there during WW2.

    By Alan Spicer (26/09/2013)

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