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Class photograph 1951

Carden School class 1951

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Living in Hanover

We moved to Brighton in 1944. I was four at the time, my sister Jean was two years old.We lived with our father and mother at  21 Hanover Street. Our house had been a shop and was on the right of a small twitten; on the left was the Little Fox public house.

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Moved to Hollingbury

In 1951 we moved to Hollingbury and lived in a nice new council house at 6 Fernhurst Crescent. I sat my 11+ exam at Carden School almost as soon as I got there; a different way of teaching from my previous school at Finsbury Road, I was a bit lost to say the least. The result of that examination was that I was sent to Patcham Senior School.

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  • I was at Carden school at the time this photograph was taken but cannot recognise any of the pupils. I do however remember the two teachers, Mr Ede the Headmaster and Mrs. Budleigh. Mrs Budleigh’s husband was the Headmaster at Patcham Senior school. I moved to Patcham Seniors in 1952.

    By Dave Cresdee (09/05/2015)
  • This picture was taken just after I started at Carden after moving from Cheltenham. I am in the second row from the top, and fourth from the left. Several of the faces are familiar, but I’ve forgotten the names. I remember Mrs. Budleigh and Mr. Ede very well. After spending a couple of years in Mr. Cheeseman’s class after Mrs. Budleigh, I went on to Varndean Grammar School. The class size when I left was, I recall, 43 pupils.

    By Clive Beddoe-Stephens (11/09/2016)
  • I am almost certain that fourth row third from left is my elder brother Mick Spicer !

    By Alan Spicer (05/04/2020)
  • Sorry but you are both wrong (I think) it’s Brian Bravery, behind him is Ray Steyning, Brian is next to Ray Castle who is next to Colin Taylor (both ex police).

    By Gerald Millard (23/12/2021)
  • My wife – Diana Bentley was at Carden School in the early to middle ’50s. Her best friend – Pamela Watts was in the same class. Does anyone recall them or have a class photo. Thank you.

    By John Snelling (05/01/2023)

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