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Class photograph c1970s

I am sorry that I cannot be more precise about the date of this photograph.

Perhaps you can identify yourself, or someone else, and let us know the date?

If you can help, please do leave a comment below.

Cardinal Newman School c1970s
From the private collection of John Leach

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  • I think you will find that it is 1970, I was in that form (as it was called in those days) and recognise several faces but not my own. I left De La Salle college in the spring of that year to go to Hove County Grammar School so I suspect it was taken during the summer term. The badge on the blazers is also a De La Salle college badge rather than a later one. In the front row are John Hodiak, Peter Sharp, Mike Shorten, Johnny O’Brien, Luke Grevett many other faces I recognise but the names won’t come, it’s been a fair old time.

    By Neil Underhill (22/01/2012)
  • 1970 is about right. Peter Sharp and Neil Phillips are next to the two girls top right, who may be Alba and Helen. Top left I believe are Terry Mendes and Romek Jasilek, Luke is 4 along from the right bottom row with John Hodiak on his left. I am the one with all the hair 2 along on the left from John. Mike and Johnny aren’t in there as I was in their class the year before but got separated for misbehaving – so they must be in a different photo. Anthony Hemblade must be in here somewhere and that is definitely Linda in the middle. I can remember some good times at this school apart from Mr Feeley who gave me a hard time, mind you I probably deserved it.

    By Philip Jackson (Fid) (10/03/2012)
  • We don’t have blazers anymore, just jumpers and very criss-cross skirts. Each year there is a new jumper colour: maroon, green, light blue, navy then grey.

    By Svetlana (28/09/2012)
  • I have some doubts about the date of this photo as I went to De La Salle College (then Cardinal Newman as it went comprehensive) from 1967-1973. I was in the 5th year when it went comprehensive and I recall that until then it was an all-boys school except for the 6th form, and these don’t look like 6th formers!

    By Mike Bull (23/12/2012)
  • I think perhaps 1971. I was there in the first year Cardinal Newman was in existence having come over from Lourdes Convent. Doesn’t look as if anyone in this pic has a Cardinal Newman blazer yet, so maybe 70/71. Hemblade is sitting next to John Hodiak. I miss you all very much and would love to make contact with the Shortens again.

    By Lisa Waltman (18/04/2013)
  • I agree its probably 1971. I left Cottesmore in June 1970, prior to the July end of term, it changed to Cardinal Newman during the summer hols of that year, so reopened in September 1970 as Cardinal Newman. I guess it could be late summer (Sept) 1970, but 71 is more probable!

    By Peter Groves (19/04/2013)
  • I went to this school from September 1972-May 1977. I recall many of the teachers: Mr Berry (the head of the Lower School, he caned me on one occasion after me and my brother had a fight in class), Mr Williams (the music teacher who during my time there, lost his daughter in a tragic car accident), Mr Jones and Phillips (the PE teachers), Miss Johnson (a hippy-looking maths teacher who would often go bright red in the face with anger when we misbehaved, which we often did), Mr Simpole (one of the art teachers who would often have paint flicked on his back by us kids) and Mr Feeley, the teacher who I feared most. Just before I left school, Feeley told me I would only amount to being a waiter. How wrong was he! I also remember Mrs English who taught English and a lovely, tiny French teacher who actually came from France (forgotten her name). Another teacher’s name I have forgotten was the rather eccentric woodwork teacher who would often step over people he thought were lying on the floor – we were guaranteed a laugh in his class. Academically, CNS failed me. I was placed in Mr Avery’s class, a class for slow-learning kids. However by my fifth year, I had been placed back into a ‘normal’ class, but by then the damaged had been done – I left school with useless CSEs. For me this school has mixed memories, some good, mostly bad. A few years after leaving this school, I qualified as a nurse. Feeley, take note.

    By John Garoghan (15/05/2013)
  • I recognise a lot of the faces, but all the names. I think I see Terry Mendies, Rod Weeks, ?Peter Scott, Paul Ely but not me (I was probably in the coffee shop up the road when the picture was taken). I would think that was summer 1970. Great times.

    By Bruno Gren (26/03/2014)
  • My brothers were born a year apart and one, Andy (born early 1956) went to De La Salle College, when it was boys only. The other, Mat (born early 1957) went to Cottesmore Secondary School on the other side of the Upper Drive. I don’t recall it being called Cardinal Newman School during the time either of them went there. Andy did his O-Levels in 1972/3, when he was still educated as a De La Salle boy and Mat was floundering as a Cottesmore boy.

    By Renia (26/03/2014)
  • Renia, I left Cottesmore in June 1970, and that term Cottesmore and De La Salle were separate, however I remember that there was an announcement of the combining of the two schools in the September term of 1970.  The photo is definitely summer, so if it’s Cardinal Newman, then it must be late summer (September, but it does not look like September) or summer 71/72/73 etc!

    By Peter Groves (28/03/2014)
  • 4th in from the left in the front row is my brother Steve Conroy.

    By Sue Glossop (20/04/2014)
  • I am thrilled to have found you!

    By Jo Ranea (05/10/2014)
  • Former pupils of De la Salle College may be interested to know there is a new Facebook group – ‘Xaverian College, Brighton’. Ex pupils of both schools are welcome to join.  The link is:

    By Mike Davey (11/10/2014)
  • I also started with CNS from De La Salle. I even think that Mike Bull was in my class, the notorious 3Z!

    By Graham Bush (22/02/2017)
  • I came from Lourdes Convent. My surname then was Helen O’Brien. I believe I started in 71. What memories,I think I was in 5s our form tutor was Mr Penrose I believe. Also remember Aelred Wilkinson, John Hooker,Guy de lavigne, Deborah Carter, Barry Goodchild and if I think hard I am sure many more. Headmaster was Mr Smith, deputy head Mr Feely, Mrs Doyle and Mr Bering Gould. Would be lovely to have contact with my fellow pupils ,wonder what they are up to ?

    By Helen Clifton (24/11/2017)
  • Anyone remember the first full year to go through from 1st year to sixth form?

    Do I know you Helen? I know Aelred through BHA! His bro was a teacher!

    By Nigel (01/03/2018)
  • This is a photo of class 2x, 1970. I think it was still De la Salle until the following year. 

    By Fiona Rogers Bazigou (19/03/2018)
  • I was a pupil at De La Salle (DLS) and was in Class 4Y in 1970/71. I do recognise a few faces in this picture, in particular David McKivett who I used to travel on the train with from Burgess Hill to Preston Park Station with. David is in the middle row standing sixth from the left. I recall that he later read law at Canterbury University; my recollection was that he was in the year below me i.e. the 3rd form. This picture dates from September 1970 to June 1971. It was in September 1970 that the girls from the Blessed Sacrament Convent from Walpole Road Brighton arrived and some pupils from Cottesmore as evidenced by the girls school uniforms and the boys are still rearing the DLS blazer. This was the transition year in which the School would become the largest Roman Catholic School in Brighton. So, 1970/71 saw the amalgamation of De La Salle, (the old Xaverian College of Queens Park), an independent fee paying Catholic Grammar School, Cottesmore Secondary Modern School, and the Blessed Sacrament Convent. The DLS brothers left at the end of the 1971 summer term. September 1971 saw Lourdes Convent, and the Fitzherbert School amalgamating to become the then new Cardinal Newman Catholic Comprehensive School.

    By Mike Hearn (02/05/2018)
  • I was at Cottesmore in 69 and left cncs in 74 or 75 I’m not in that picture either but a lot of those kids were in my class? I’m Michael Doyle remember me?

    By michael doyle (04/08/2019)
  • I remember you Micheal Doyle I was in your class 1970-74, David Larkin.

    By david larkin (28/05/2020)
  • Michael Doyle, I was in your class 1970/74 have a photo of us in group school sponsored walk, David Larkin.

    By David Larkin (28/05/2020)
  • To John Garoghan,
    I remember some of the teachers as I went to the school the same years as you.
    Ii was in Mr Averys class as well. I do remember Mr Feeley he also told me I would not amount to anything, he got that wrong as well but I was not the best behaved pupil but life has been good and school memories are great I don’t know if you remember me my name is Kevin Dirrane.

    By Kevin Dirrane (13/04/2021)

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