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Class photograph 1951

The teacher on left in this photograph is Miss Sherman. The Headmistress at the time, who was Miss Warland, is on the right.

The only person I can identify here is Diana Fashion. She is on the last row 3rd from left. She very kindly gave me a copy when she came to Australia for a holiday in November 2010.

Do you recognise yourself, or anyone else here? If you do then please leave a comment below.

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Class photograph 1951
From the private collection of Nigel Bryan

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  • How wonderful to see  this picture. I was there from 1948 to 1952, we then moved to Bletchley in Buckinghamshire. I have tried to find the building again but think it must have been demolished. I had a friend called Anita Moonlight and I was always envious of her name. Is my memory playing tricks, or did we actually write on slates with chalk? I can remember when we walked to school we used to pop into a little cake shop, we used to buy a tiny Hovis loaf for 1d. Just up the road was a shop and on the counter was a parrot in a cage, we used to pop in to see it every day and the more we laughed at this wonderful bird, the more it laughed back. Does anyone remember any of this?

    By Sandra Waite nee Newman (18/11/2011)
  • Hi Sandra. Do you remember me? I was in the year with Gillian Lloyd West and Bertie Collins! It was not my class, just a little bit older, but I remember the memories you submitted, makes me fill very old! You must remember the surname Trash as I was always in trouble! Great to hear from somebody who went to the same school. Be great to hear some more memories if you want to share.

    By Beryl Trash (14/12/2011)
  • Hi Beryl, you went to school with my sister Carole, I have a picture of a school play with you and Carole, 1952 Mrs Stella’s Class, Pauline Roberts, Valerie Cook, Bert Collins, Pamela Probert,Terry Pollard, Carol Bedwell, Jill Lloyd West, Duggie Banham, Michael Brown, Brenda Newland, Paula Bouldry, Carole Bryan, Sonya Marsh, and Micky Edwards, I will post a copy on MyBH shortly.I am sure Carole would like to hear from you, my email is (  P.S we live in Australia, have done for 52 years.

    By Nigel Bryan (25/12/2011)
  • Hi Nigel & Carole, I too have that photo which brings back many memories. I have been married now for forty eight years with two children and three lovely grandchildren. I kept good friends with Jill over the years, funny what path life takes us. Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year Beryl. 

    By Alan Clarke (31/12/2011)
  • I remember Bertie Collins and Miss Stella – I was in her class.

    By Pat Cowley (26/01/2017)
  • Oh my gosh. I went to Central School, left in 1951. I remember Mrs Sherman, I was in her class, and of course the headmistress. There was a Jacqueline Lloyd West, Peter Dunkley, Rhoda Felsing, and Rita something. My favourite teachers were Mr Manson, Mr Davis, Mr Bridle. Mostly men, funny that! There was an Indian girl named Pushka, which was unusual in those days. I don’t recognise any of the faces in the photo and I’m not in it but great to see it.

    By Jennifer Capper (09/06/2017)
  • Looking at that photo again, I’m wondering if I am in it after all. I was Jennifer James then and the girl in front of and to the left of Mrs Sherman looks like me. I left in the summer of ’51. Someone mentioned Valerie Cooke, she was my younger cousin.


    By Jennifer Capper (23/06/2017)
  • Hi Jennifer, I too went to Central School in the early 50s and have clear memories of people. The Indian girl you mentioned was Pushpa Dass who was my best friend for ages.

    By June Gray (27/06/2017)
  • Hi, I was Pamela Probert at this time. I recognise Gillian Lloyd-West in the photograph and I remember most of the names given above. I remember Miss Warland and was there when Mr Bridle took over as head. I was in his class when he became Head (he threw a piece of chalk at me when I smiled in class once!). He said he wanted to put the school “on the map”, and we had a school blazer for the first time with crossed keys as an emblem. I believe the name of the school might have been changed to St Peter’s at that time. I remember Jillian Lloyd West, Beryl Trash, Pauline Baldry, Mickey Edwards, Bertie Collins, and Carol Bedwell was my best friend at school. I think there was also Jean Weaver and David Dombroski. I remember Pushka as Pushbar and her surname was Daz, I think. I also remember there was an area we couldn’t go to in the school building because it was derelict and dangerous.  I believe there was a teacher Audrey and a teacher Kathleen who taught the younger ones. It’s lovely to hear these names from the past!

    By Pamela Coffin (26/07/2017)
  • I was at this school in 1955 during the Queens coronation, does anybody remember me !!!!or have any school photos of that time.

    I remember my name then was Penny Willett, we used to get the beds out in the afternoon and sleep, I didn’t till one day, I must have been really tired and slept only to wake up, to find the room was empty , and everyone downstairs singing!

    (so embarrassing)

    By Penny Harman (28/09/2017)
  • Hi, I’m the Indian girl mentioned in some of the posts. I am still in Brighton and married with six children. I remember June very well, I think she lived in Kemp Street. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
    I was Pushpa Dass, now Marion Watson

    By Marion Watson (29/04/2019)
  • Hi I’m Diana nee Fasham – top row third from left. My son pointed this picture out to me which Carol in Australia put on the website in 2010 (we visited Carol in 2009 with my friend Maureen Bonieface, who unfortunately passed away 3 years ago). Dennis Wells – front row centre and Anita Egg – two in from middle row right. She got an award for never missing a day at school!

    By Diana Stoddart (23/06/2019)

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