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A small school built in 1841

The schools of Brighton section here would not be complete without mention of Christ Church School in Bedford Place. The school was where all the children from Middle Street & St Pauls went if they did not pass the 11 plus examination.

It was only a small school, built at the side of the church.  When there was an air raid. the pupils had to go under the church for safety.  Mr Russell, the head master, would take assembly in the main hall, where prayers were said. He would also announce any changes in the daily shedule.

Unfortunately, there was a fire in the church, and it was demolished to make flats.  The school building is still standing, but some of it is  a small theatre called The New Venture, where plays are still staged. Quite a few of the old pupils fom Christ Church School still keep in touch. They come from lots of different place, some as far away as Alberta, Canada.

Christ Church School
From the private collection of Bob Wells

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  • I went to Christ Church School in the late 1940s and I moved from there to Fawcett when it closed, Mr Russell went with us to Fawcett, I thought it was because we had no proper playground?

    By Bob Pickett (04/09/2008)
  • I am a student at the University of Brighton and my current project involves the New Venture Theatre in Bedford Place, Brighton – the former Christ Church School.  It is a fascinating place, yet so little is known of its past as a school establishment.  I am so glad to find some more information on this site.  It would be very helpful to know more, most importantly the layout of the school prior to its refurbishment into a theatre.  Any information would be welcome.  Thank you!

    By Michael Kopinski-Lenz (19/10/2008)
  • I went to Christ church in the early 1940s. We played in the street or in the hall on the ground floor when it rained. There were 3 class rooms; one downstairs and two above. Our teachers were Mr Russell, and the headmaster Miss Brewer and Mr Gordon.

    By Viv Webb (28/11/2008)
  • Shame nothing has been posted about this school since 2008! I have just learnt from Worthing Gazette of Wed 1/3/1939 P.6 that my Aunt Ada Mary Luckins was headmistress there and had to deal with a tragic death of a child who fell in the school porch. Another child Rita Maud Loveland of Newland Road said the child was not pushed. Anybody got anything else to tell me about the school and my Aunt.

    By Brian Luckins (05/04/2020)

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